Sunderland fighter eyes more glory

Glenn Foot with his Prizefighter trophy
Glenn Foot with his Prizefighter trophy
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SUNDERLAND’S Glenn Foot will look to fast-track his career after announcing himself on the British boxing stage with victory at the weekend in Sky’s Prizefighter: Welterweights III tournament.

The unbeaten 25-year-old from Marley Pots overcame Steven Pearce and Chad Gaynor before beating Dale Evans in the final in the Wolverhampton Civic Centre to raise his profile, not to mention his bank balance with £34,000 in prize money.

Now he’s gunning for more glory.

“I wanted the Prizefighter to be where it started for me – it’s a really big opportunity because if you win that it opens doors for you,” he told the Echo.

“I want to go on from there though to look at eliminators and titles because I feel I can have a very successful career.”

Foot’s manager, Phil Jeffries, said: “The win is fantastic for us because it has done exactly what we hoped it would do when we first managed to get him into the competition.

“There are hundreds of thousands of people who have now heard of Glenn Foot and for the first time in its history, the Prizefighter was screened live in America, so that will hopefully help build his reputation too.

“And as well as that, the Prizefighter organiser Eddie Hearn came over to us afterwards full of praise for Glenn saying he had been brilliant and all the promoters were thrilled with him.

“I’m going to Glenn a few days now to enjoy the feeling because he worked so hard in training in order to make the most of himself.

“But after that, we are going to sit down and see what he wants to do.

“I don’t know if he wants to continue at welterweight – he was in against some big lads at the weekend – or whether he wants to drop down to light-welterweight, which I think he definitely can.

“But whatever he decides, I plan to be writing to the British Boxing Board of Control by the end of the week asking for him to get a title eliminator because I definitely think he has earned that now.”

Jeffries, who made his sure his boxer was down in Wolverhampton 48 hours before the event so that he didn’t risk being snowbound in the North East, was also pleased on a personal level.

So confident had he been that Foot would win, he had a handsome bet on the welterweight and urged friends and family to do the same.

He said: “I was in the pub yesterday and it seemed to be full of people coming up to me who had all bet on Glenn and done well out of it.

“It was a fantastic night for everyone in Sunderland who went down to Wolverhampton, enjoyed themselves and caused not the slightest bit of bother.

“And it was fantastic weekend for Sunderland fans.

“Quite a few told me they’d gone to the match, enjoyed Sunderland’s win, enjoyed the Magpies getting beat, enjoyed Glenn winning and then enjoyed the fact that they weren’t skint this week because they’d had a bet!

“From my point of view I’m also just delighted for Glenn and his trainers because he’s starting to prove what a talent he is and he got the rewards for all his hard work.”