Foot thankful for surgeons’ skills

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PRIZEFIGHTER champion Glenn Foot is set to get his boxing career back on track next month after making an astonishing recovery from a cowardly knife attack which could have cost him his right arm, writes GRAEME ANDERSON.

The 26-year-old was the victim of a horrific machete attack in Southwick in December which sliced through tendons and broke a bone.

And Foot today thanked the surgeons who treated him for preserving his health as well as his boxing career.

“I’m going to be on the Summer Rumble at the Stadium of Light and I can’t wait, but I’m fully aware that my career could have been over and done with now,” he told the Echo.

“I can’t thank the medical people enough for what they did for me.

“It happened about 4pm on the afternoon and within hours they were operating on me and saving the arm.”

Foot still bears the livid scars, but the important thing is that not only was the arm saved but the skill of the surgeons looks certain to ensure the welterweight makes a complete recovery.

“There’s all sorts of things that could have happened which would have impacted on my boxing,” he explained.

“I might have lost feeling or control in the hand, I might have struggled to have made a fist, I might have suffered pain when punching.

“But all those things are fine and I’m just looking forward to getting back into the ring now and making up for lost time.”

Foot’s opponent has yet to be named, but the Sunderland scrapper says it doesn’t really matter who he faces.

“Just to be boxing is great again,” he added. “I need to be making up for lost time because I’m 26 now, not getting any younger, and I want to fighting for titles.

“It will be a good feeling to be back fighting again and I want to make the most of my career, I know there’s still a lot I can do.”