Foot needs more time

Glenn Foot.
Glenn Foot.
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GLENN Foot has withdrawn from Sunderland’s Summer Rumble bill next month because he needs more preparation time to do himself justice.

The Sky Prizefighter winner and the hottest boxing property in the city, was pencilled in to be one of the leading names at the annual boxing show held at the Stadium of Light.

But when the boxer and his trainer Neill Fannan sat down to plan, they agreed that it would be too risky to have the unbeaten welterweight taking part in the Rumble, which will be held in little more than a fortnight’s time, on Sunday, July 7.

Fannan explained: “Glenn had a pre-planned holiday in the lead up to the show and although he could have fought, we’d have been taken a gamble with the opponents he is now up against.

“Maybe in the past, it might have been a possibility.

“But the reality is that Glenn is really rising up the lists now and the fighters he is being put up against, you just can’t take liberties with, you’ve got to train long and hard.”

Rumble promoter Phil Jeffries said: “It’s a pity because we would have loved to have him on but he would have needed eight full weeks training and we could only get in five.

“It won’t be long before fans see him again though because he’s back in the gym now and we’re looking to box him next in September.”