Boxing: Jeffries ready to rumble

Phil Jeffries
Phil Jeffries
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Sunderland promoter Phil Jeffries has thanked everyone who has helped make his Summer Rumble 2 boxing show possible tomorrow.

Jeffries has spent months working on what will be the biggest day of professional boxing ever held in the North East, when up to 18 boxers from the region go toe-to-toe with opponents at the Stadium of Light.

And he said: “I’ve hardly been out of the media the last few weeks and neither have the boxers, but there’s a load of people behind the scenes who deserve credit for making this possible.

“In particular I need to thank the Sunderland-based A.C.T. Construction because Alan Thompson’s company has been a major sponsor and really helped get us going.

“I’m proud that one of our major sponsors is coming from the city.

“It almost goes without saying that the club itself have been brilliant in supporting the whole event with Gary Hutchinson giving us all every bit of help the club could offer – it’s a fantastic venue for a boxing event.

“Beyond that though there are a host of people and organisations who have made it possible for so many North East boxers to fight on their home turf and I’m delighted with the line-up we’ve been able to assemble.”

Now Jeffries (pictured) is hoping to turn the Summer Rumbles into an annual event with it becoming as much part of stadium’s calendar as close-season concerts are becoming.

“There’s no reason at all why we can’t put a major boxing show every year from now on.

“The city has shown it is ready for it and we know we have the ability and the willingness to stage bigger and bigger shows as the years go on.”

Tickets are still available for the Summer Rumble 2 show tomorrow. For more information, ring 07747 611020.