Will you be stumped by this photo of a Sunderland school cricket team?

The Sunderland and Wearside areas have certainly created plenty of interest among nostalgia enthusiasts. In fact, you could say they have been bowled over.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 11:00 am
The school team cricket photograph that George would love your memories on.

And there’s room for more memories as we need the help of Wearside Echoes followers to shed more light on some topics.

Our first contact, George Ford, wants our assistance to fill in the blanks on this school photo.

1514-4 Seaham Church Street 5th April 1974 old ref number shopping

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George told us: “The start of the national and local cricket season reminded me of the attached photograph taken in, what was, the junior girls’ playground at Chester Road School, Sunderland.”

The photograph shows the school cricket team as it prepares for the start of the new season in summer 1960.

George reminisced: “Many of the boys on this photograph went on to Bede Grammar or Southmoor Tech, determined by their success in 11 plus exams. The unsuccessful stayed on to attend Chester Road Secondary Modern.”

Who remembers the 11-plus procedure and what are your memories of it? What about your recollections of Chester Road School?

Shopping Seaham North Terrace November 22 1984 old ref number 50566

Get in touch and tell us more by emailing [email protected]

George is also hoping we can shed some light on some of the people pictured.

He explained: “I remember the majority of the names and one wonders where they are now - did any of them go on to be cricketers?

“Their home matches were played on Richard Avenue field, where the primary school is now.”

We’re loving George’s memories and he added: “Spectators would sit on the outskirts of the field or, like my Dad, cheer through the railings. Not sure why I’m in dark top - either 12th man or forgot the photographer was visiting.”

And so to the photographs.

Pictured on the front row, sitting left to right, are Anthony Snaith, Trevor Alder, Mr Thompson, Ernest Jenkinson, Ernie Harrison, and Bruce Anderson.

On the back row, far left, is George Ford. Does anyone know who is next to him? Get in touch if you do. Next is Paul Chapman, Walter Middleton, Ian Stone, another person who George does not have the name for, Keith Mills, Alan Bradshaw, and David Black.”

David Stoves was another to share his memories of the area in the 1960s.

He told us about his memories of the Seaham area and said: “There was a butcher called Frank Thubron. I Think he was based in Dalton Le Dale.

“He would travel around the streets selling meat from the back of his van.”

Frank ‘always came to my Granny’s on a Friday where she would buy the meat for the weekend’, said David.

“Also, Frank Pacito would push a barrow full of ice cream around the streets in all weathers. He wore a flat cap and a brown coat he had a whistle. I think his relatives now have the café in Seaham Hall Car Park. All back in the 1960’s.”

Can anyone tell us more about Frank Thubron, Frank Pacito and some of the other traders who went round the streets selling their wares.

Email [email protected] if you can.

Another recollection was the Co-op ‘or the store as it was known’, said David.

“On Princess Rod Dawdon, when it had all the departments open, there was the grocers. It was fascinating to watch the man operate the bacon slicer

“The hardware department, the bank, and the butchers. I got my first football boots from the shoe department in the hardware section.

“They were called St Crispin Wings, and looked a bit like Puma but with a moulded rubber sole and studs.”

And David also shared a memory of growing up in the area.

“There was the Green Drive bridge ,at the end of Queen Alexander Road, a type of suspension bridge as schoolkids we would go across it and make it rock by running from side to side.”

What are yout memories of the Wearside and East Durham areas in the 1960s. Can you remember the names of the traders at the time and the shops you loved to visit.

What about George’s photograph of a school cricket team?

Do you recognise any of the team members, especially the ones that George can not remember the names of.

If you can, get in touch and tell us more by emailing [email protected]