'Loved the pick and mix!' - Sunderland Echo readers share their memories of trips to Woolworths on Wearside

Whether you were after a new toy, a tasty treat or something you didn’t even know you needed – you were bound to find it at Woolworths.

Thursday, 22nd August 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd August 2019, 7:00 am
Woolworths pictured in Fawcett Street in 2001. Did you ever pop along for a browse?

Families from across the community loved a trip to Woolies – and dozens of you got in touch to tell us just what it was about this magical shop that made you smile.

Whether it was a working day, a planned trip or a spontaneous visit, it truly was one of your favourites.

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Back to 1998 and what could be more symbolic of Woolworths than the pick n' mix section. Which was your favourite sweet?

Here are some of your memories from the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Keith Norma Jenkins: “They had a lovely biscuit selection and the Christmas tree toys were fantastic, plus everything you needed.”

Carolyn Armstrong: “Loved the ladybird pyjamas and clothes for my girls.”

Trish Atkinson-was Dalton: “I remember going upstairs and my mam getting some angel cake as a treat for us because she always baked herself.”

Time for a celebration in 1999 when Woolworths staff celebrated the store's 90th anniversary.

Alison Jane Tribe: “Needs to come back to the high street, some of the shops they open selling overpriced items. Woolworths needs to bring back the pick & mix, ladybird clothing for kids, house-hold items definitely.”

Melanie Charlesworth:My mam worked in Sunderland Woolies in the 60s. She always said it was one of the best times of her life.”

Allison Watson: “I loved Woolies you could get everything you wanted I wish it was still here.”

Eileen Robinson: “Did my week’s ‘work experience’ at Woolies back in 1976!”

Deborah Layfield: “Had a Saturday job there when I left school in 1983. I loved it!”

Tracey Dixon: “Nowhere is the same without a Woolies. I always use to judge a place by if they had one.”

Hazel Hedinburgh: “2ozs of lemonade crystals that you stuck your finger and and licked it off, ended up with a bright yellow finger! Happy days.”

Sharon Newbury: “I still have my Christmas tree bought from Woolies in Houghton.”

Audrey Wallace: “Hot salted cashew nuts as you go in the door, yummy.”