How Mackem are you? Test yourself with our Sunderland knowledge quiz

Think you’re Sunderland through and through?

Sunday, 20th October 2019, 8:00 am
Updated Thursday, 24th October 2019, 5:25 pm
Are you as Mackem as Penshaw Monument? Answers to our quiz are at the end.

How much do you know about the Northern Spire, SAFC, Wearside bingo giants Tombola and all things Sunderland? The answers are at the end. No cheating mind.

Which is the most expensive property on a Sunderland Monopoly board? A. The Stadium of Light B. The Bridges C. Fawcett Street D. Seaburn Beach
Which was the first club to play against both Sunderland and Newcastle United in FA Cup finals? A. Leeds United B. Liverpool C. Aston Villa D. Preston North

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In which year did the Sunderland inventor Joseph Swan first publicly demonstrate his light bulb? A. 1846 B. 1878 C 1910 D. 28 BC
Alphabetically, which is the first of Sunderland’s 25 council wards (and the only real ward of the four)? A. Bede B. Barmston C. Backhouse D. Barnes
Which inaugural event was won by Ian Hudspith in 2011? A. Wearside Pub Landlord of the Year B. Sunderland Echo Bonny Baby C. The Sunderland 10k Run D. Sunderland Young Business Person of the Year
The Northern Spire is part of which road? A. The A1018 B. The A1231 C. The A1290 D. The A183
Where in London does Sunderland-born General Henry Havelock, 1795-1857, have a statue erected in his honour? A. Trafalgar Square B. The Mall C. The Ministry of Defence D. The Imperial War Museum
Which dancer gave a disastrous performance at the Sunderland Empire Theatre in April 1991 with the audience demanding their money back? A. Rudolph Nureyev B. Margot Fonteyn C. Louis Spence D. Ann Widdecombe
Who created the Agony in the Car Park and Adoration of the Cage Fighters, inspired by his time in Sunderland? A. Banksy B. Jeff Koons C. LS Lowry D. Grayson Perry
Which of the other six English cities beginning with the letter S, which is the furthest from Sunderland, according to the AA’s website? A. Stoke-on-Trent B. Salisbury C. St Alban’s D. Southampton
Which soap opera was sponsored by the Sunderland bingo giants Tombola between 2009 and 2012? A. Coronation Street B. Emmerdale C. Neighbours D. Hollyoaks
1A Stadium of Light 2C Aston Villa 3D Barnes 4C Sunderland 10k Run 5A Trafalgar Square 6A Rudolph Nureyev 7B 1878 8D Grayson Perry 9B Salisbury (320 miles) 10C A1290 11B Emmerdale