Cool! The ten lollies you adored when you were growing up in Sunderland

There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than a cooling ice lolly – but which one?

Monday, 17th June 2019, 10:45 am
Updated Monday, 17th June 2019, 7:07 pm
Don't you just love a lolly? But which was your childhood favourite?

The mouthwatering choice could really have you drooling, unless you knew where to turn to for an answer – and we did!

We asked our Wearside Echoes followers for the delicious ice lolly/ice cream treat which they loved the most from their childhood.

We got so many responses that we have listed the top ten.

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A day on the beach was always a good reason for investing in your favourite iced lolly.

1 – Cider lollies, also known as cider quenchers, got the vote of loads of people including Sonny Duggan, Andrew Gregory, Susan Hayton, Joanne McQuillin, Keith Leonard and Ann Campbell. Does it get yours?

2 – In second spot was the good old strawberry mivvi. June Mather loved it and so did Elizabeth Mills and Pauline Johnson.

Thanks also to Keith Middleton who said: “Has to be the good old strawberry split. Yum Yum.”

Denise Starkey said she ‘loved them but they were only for special occasions.’

Sun, sand and your favourite iced lolly. What more could you want from a day at the seaside.

3 – Making it into the top 3 was the Jubbly which got the vote of Peter Whillians who said ‘yum, yum’.

Fellow fans were James Mcbrearty and Bill Gowland.

Also making it into the top ten were;

The Lord Toffingham. Patricia McGrory was among the fans. For the uninitiated, it was banana-flavoured ice cream with toffee caramel inside.The Lollygobblechocbomb which got the thumbs-up from Marie Colquhoun among others. It was ice cream, dipped in chocolate, covered in hundreds and thousands.Funny Feet, whose fans included Melinda Keillor and Michael Hol.Sarsaparilla. A big hit with Allwyn Foster among others, and she told us you could get them from Hafferty's in Roker Avenue. “They were made in the shop, I think they were a penny?”Rocket lollies. Thanks to Robert Reay and others for that one.Fab ice lollies. Darren Simpson and Denise Mustard were enthusiasts and Denise said: “They were great yum yum.”Raspberry mivvi gets the last spot in the top ten but we’re sure there’s others – and plenty of ice cream treats – which deserve a mention.

Tell us your favourites by emailing [email protected]