The most expensive street in Sunderland revealed

Friday, 5th October 2018, 12:05 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th October 2018, 3:34 am

A new nationwide property survey has revealed the most exclusive street in Sunderland.

Housing website Zoopla estimates The Square, in Sunderland Road, Seaburn, is the city's most expensive address with properties worth an average £715,892.

1 West Park Road, Cleadon: £768,425.

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Shielded by security gates, the street was completed around a decade ago and boasts detached homes with seven bedrooms.

It is, however, only third in the new top five with addresses in Cleadon, which sits just outside the city's official boundaries in South Tyneside, filling the remaining positions.

Homes in West Park Road are considered the most expensive with properties worth an average of £768,425.

2 Underhill Road, Cleadon: £723,971.

Washington, which is part of the Sunderland City Council area, has its own 2018 table with Ash Meadows, in Picktree, dubbed its highest value street with houses worth an average £870,104.

Statistics for expensive areas south of Sunderland such as Castle Eden are included in the Hartlepool table.

Zoopla's figures have emerged in the online company's survey of the top end of the country's property market.

3 The Square, Seaburn: £715,892.

It calculates that there are now 17,289 streets in Britain where the average property value is £1 million or more compared to 14,417 in 2017.

Around 90 per cent are in the south of England.

The most expensive street is Kensington Palace Gardens, in London, close to Kensington Palace and the Royal Albert Hall, where properties are worth an average £35,647,605.

4 Sunderland Road, Cleadon: £665,573.

Ninety-seven streets within Zoopla’s North-East boundaries have properties worth an average seven figures.

Gubeon Wood, in Morpeth, Northumberland, is labelled the region’s most expensive street with homes worth an average £1,551,574.

The average value of properties in Sunderland is estimated as £146,394 and compares to the North-East average of £189,071.

The current Washington average is £155,189.

5 Laburnum Grove, Cleadon: £624,222.