12 things you said as family slams restaurant's Christmas dinner as 'prison food'

The meal served to Simon and his family at The Black Bush in Washington.
The meal served to Simon and his family at The Black Bush in Washington.

Echo readers have been having their say after one Wearside family hit out at the meal they were served on Christmas Day.

Simon Smith criticised the poor service and food at The Black Bush in Washington on December 25, telling the Echo that he wanted a full refund after his party waited two and a half hours for their main meal.

Simon and his family want a full refund from the pub.

Simon and his family want a full refund from the pub.

Simon, 30, likened the cuisine to "prison food" and said the whole experience "derailed" Christmas Day for his family, with eight of them attending the pub.

The Black Bush confirmed they offered Simon a £40 refund for the one meal which was sent back by his party, and took drinks off the final bill on the day.

Thousands of you read the story on our website, with dozens getting in touch on social media to share your views.

Many of you shared messages of support for the pub, which apologised to customers via its Facebook page on Boxing Day for "problems throughout the morning" and "an issue in the kitchen".

Others sympathised with Simon, of Oxclose, and his family, and said the special occasion was "ruined".

Here's how you reacted to the story on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Colleen Curran: "Quarter of the price and you could cook your own ... seriously man what's happened to Christmas? It's just another day where you go out for a meal now."

Vicki Overton: "£200 for eight people is [very] cheap for Christmas Day. I feel for the venue and think they have done what they can."

Lindsey Todd: "If it was that bad you would send it back straight away."

Davy Young: "Stay at home and do it yourself then you won’t be disappointed."

Nicola Nelmes: "I hope you get sorted and you have a better Christmas in 2019."

David Woodward: "As the manager stated they were obviously facing some major issues, which does happen in the catering industry.

"At least they tried and did compensate you at the time."

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Susan Pike: "The food looks disgusting and regardless of the minimal compensation paid it was a special occasion that was ruined and can’t be replaced."

Dave Birt: "The pub have apologised and admitted they had issues. If they hadn't apologised then you could have a case."

Evelyn Hudson: "I know it’s nice to go out, but nothing better than home made."

Nicole Kilroy: "He got offered a refund, not much else they can do if the issues were out of their control."

Derrie Xena Clark: "I think 200 quid for that many people is a bargain! You get what you pay for ..."

Steve O Sunderland: "One meal out of eight sent back. Can't [have] been all that bad then."