Why Sunderland need to kick Coach Dave Daubenmire back under his rock

One of the videos posted onlive by Coach Dave Daubenmire.
One of the videos posted onlive by Coach Dave Daubenmire.
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The biggest bugbear we have about Coach Dave Daubenmire’s use of the Stadium of Light in his videos is not so much his hijacking of the image, but that by doing it we are forced to give him the oxygen of publicity.

Hate preachers like the unhinged American commentator do not deserve airtime and, until today, most of Sunderland would have been blissfully unaware of this particularly offensive individual and his outrageous views.

But by using the Stadium of Light as a backdrop to his unsavoury online rants we have little choice but to call him out and, unfortunately, give him the publicity he so desperately craves.

It’s not the first time this hard right mouthpiece of malice has used sports stadiums at a background image.

Why he chooses to do so is not quite clear, certainly there are few sports club owners who would entertain his presence in their premises for real.

But by using the Stadium of Light he links this family-friendly club to the nastiest and most offensive of views.

Sunderland fans have understandably contacted the club to express their concerns.

Word is that the powers-that-be are now exploring what legal channels they can go down to have the image removed.

The club quite rightly want to distance themselves from the odious views of this outspoken character without, we assume, wanting to fan the flames of publicity.

We trust they can get the Stadium of Light removed from his video output as quickly as possible.

The sooner Coach Daubenmire and his abhorrent views are forced to crawl back under the rock from which they emerged, the better.