'What's not to like about that' - readers react to proposals for Sunderland seafront

What do you think of the plans?
What do you think of the plans?

Proposals to create markets, an outdoor cinema and shops on a key Sunderland coastline spot have split opinion on social media.

Dozens of you took to our Facebook page to tell us your view on the plans, which are proposed for the former Pullman Lodge and Seaburn Centre sites, as well as the neighbouring former funfair plot in Seaburn.

A temporary use application, submitted by Siglion, states that the plan could feature coastal gardens, games courts and play spaces - while shopping containers could house some of the proposed ventures, including a cycle hub and bike hire base, a summer beach school, cafes and retails kiosks.

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Speaking about the application, Coun Mel Speding, cabinet secretary of Sunderland City Council, said: “Following one of the council’s largest public engagement and consultation exercises, a Seaburn development masterplan was adopted in 2011.

"This included the Seaburn Centre site, which was closed to the public in 2017. The long-term plans remain for a wider mixed-use re-development and the council is working with partners in both the public and private sectors to achieve this.

The former funfair site at Seaburn.

The former funfair site at Seaburn.

"A planning application for a series of temporary and seasonal leisure uses has now been lodged.”

Here's how you reacted to the plans on social media:

Chris Redfern: "Newcastle and Gateshead are both doing something similar. It's a great way of using land earmarked for future development and gives fledgling small businesses an opportunity to get started.

"What's not to like about that? It's a pragmatic solution to a difficult problem."

The land where the Pullman Lodge once stood.

The land where the Pullman Lodge once stood.

Pete Bogg: "Do a Google search using: shipping container architecture - there are amazing designs around the world using shipping containers and as a short term solution it could work brilliantly.

"When your local councillor is more worried about the colour of a container - that's the time to worry."

Alfie Sylvia Todner: "This planned area is ridiculous and of no benefit to the area. What happened to the swimming pool and posssible ice rink ideas which could and would be used all year round. South Shields will always be the winning seafront for leisure at this rate."

Heather Fagan: "Wow, months and months of 'consultations' and the overwhelming demand from the public was that we want shipping containers on our beautiful sea front? Really? With these plans you are really spoiling us."

Paul Summerside: "Bike hire, public gardens with mini golf and trampolines an excellent idea.

"A fun leisure pool with slides for kids, sauna and jacuzzi for adults, would also be excellent. Not sure we need a second cinema.

"All of the above are better than the derelict site we have now."

Lee Henry: "I'm just happy they are doing something at Seaburn, I don't care what it is there's absolutely no reason to take the kids to the beach lately the arcades are amongst some of the worst I've ever seen.

"I'd welcome anything fun for the kids."

Deb Pulling: "Bloody shipping containers, they will be nothing but eyesores, so where is the redeveloped coastline that the people of Sunderland were promised and have never gotten!"

Colin Collinson: "What a great idea,there are some amazing developments of shipping containers around,there's a great one in London,c heck out the development in Amsterdam it's brilliant, all colours all sizes ,looks spectacular, take a look at the small development in Hendon ... yes Hendon ... 10/12 containers, excellent idea."

Laura Smiler Robinson: "Yes let's hope this happens. Such a shame leaving empty land. Let's put it to some good use.

We've got a canny little beach there. And who doesn't like being by the seaside."

Martin Allison: "Constructive criticism is always good, however repetitive requests for stuff (swimming pools and ice rinks) are pointless.

"There is no, repeat, no public money available. Private investors are not going to find stuff that has in the past lost money.

"This sounds like a good use of what is now DERELICT land and probably attract the curious."

Alan Crompton: "Roll up the serial complainers, who would probably go to Newcastle and use exactly the same facility, pay more in petrol to get there, still have to pay for car parking, and only have their bins emptied every two weeks!"

Yvonne Outhwaite: "The council should take a look at South Shields, we are definitely the poor relation. Seaburn definitely lacks a lot of what it used to have. Such a shame."

Tracy Halliday: "There are some brilliant uses for shipping containers; cafes, homes even swimming pools. All depends on it being done properly."

Louise Hall: "I think it's a brilliant idea but would also it would be great to see a pool there. The sea front needs something!"

Jim Stevens: "Leisure centre, restaurants shops would be ideal & a fair should be reintroduced."

Anne Neville: "We've just got rid of one eyesore!"