'What is happening in Sunderland?' - disgust after dog stabbed in the neck is put to sleep

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People have reacted with sadness and disgust after a dog had to be put to sleep after being stabbed in the neck.

The seven-year-old bull lurcher was found with a number of injuries to its neck after the incident on July 28 in Pennywell, Sunderland.



He was taken for emergency vet treatment and received care for a week. But sadly the wounds were so severe he had to be put to sleep.

The RSCPA is now appealing for more information as it investigations the stabbing.

Echo readers reacted with shock at the news, which followed on from the deaths of two horses - one stabbed, on killed in a deliberate fire - last week.

Steven Rowan said: "Sunderland is getting a sick place with animal cruelty now horses killed and dogs getting stabbed. Sick people in this world."

Emma Ford said: "What the hell is going on? That's the second grizzly animal killing I've read in the Echo just today! Sunderland is not a very pleasant place to live any more it seems."

Julie Strydom said: "What the hell is wrong with people?? Things are getting worse. Scary world we are raising our kids in."

Joanne Gordon said: "What is happening in this town lately??? Murders, rapes, horses and dogs killed!! This is out of hand!"

Kat Errington said: "What is wrong with people ???? I am ashamed to be human at times !!!!!"

Joyce Spencer said: "Time to get a grip in Sunderland. Too much knife crime."

Ashleigh Hughes said: "Sunderland is getting really bad, such horrible evil people to do something like that."

Rexanna Pattinson said: "Wish I didn’t read that. How unnecessary. Poor harmless animal."

Jean Mitchell Wynd said: "It's scary out , poor defenceless dog. Why oh why."