We're coming for 'selfish, irresponsible, ignorant and lazy' litter bugs - Sunderland council chief's warning to dumpers

Councillor Michael Mordey
Councillor Michael Mordey

Council chiefs have promised to take action on dumpers who spoil the city.

Sunderland City Council has warned people dumping waste and dropping litter that it will not shy away from prosecutions.

It comes after a Sunderland mum was hauled before the courts for dumping maggot-filled rubbish in an area where children play.

Michael Mordey, the senior councillor responsible for City Services in Sunderland, said: “I know the majority of householders and people across our city are fed up with those who don’t take any responsibility for their waste and rubbish.

“There are too many people who seem to think they can dump rubbish wherever they like.

“Today’s conviction is very welcome and helps send out the message how the council will and does prosecute litter bugs.

“Everybody needs to dispose of their waste appropriately and the council is preparing more court prosecutions against those who have littered our streets and city.

“People want a clean and green Sunderland and dumping rubbish in your own street, your own neighbourhood, and your own city, is selfish, irresponsible, ignorant and just plain lazy.

“We all have a responsibility to help keep our city clean and the council continues to do its best with the limited resources available to it.”

Sunderland City Council said that, in 2017, it investigated 4,168 environmental crimes across the city, including littering, mis-presentation of waste, dog fouling and fly-tipping.

It issued 450 warnings, six statutory notices and 84 fixed penalty notices and removed 415 tonnes of fly-tipped waste and litter.

In December, the Echo launched its Clean Streets campaign which urges everyone to take responsibility for making Sunderland a smarter place in which to live and work.

It followed the results of our Big City Survey in which readers said the main issue for them in Sunderland was cleanliness of streets and public spaces.

Fly-tipping and litter can be reported at www.sunderland.gov.uk or on 520 5550.