'Time to stop standing still' - readers react as plans for Seaburn seafront get green light

Plans for the pop-up attractions have been approved.
Plans for the pop-up attractions have been approved.

Plans to regenerate and enhance tourism opportunities on part of Sunderland's seafront are set to go ahead.

Pop-up attractions, including an outdoor cinema, restaurants and cycle hubs, form part of the proposals which were approved yesterday in the city.

You came in your dozens to tell us your views on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page - and you had plenty to say.

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The plans are aimed at keeping the site in use until permanent development proposals can be submitted.

While temporary permission was granted, some councillors expressed concerns about the aesthetic of the scheme.

What do you think of the plans?

What do you think of the plans?

Siglion is behind the seafront plans, and speaking at the meeting, Lawri Bond assured councillors that the permanent development will have a design code, while the application provides flexibility.

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Here's how you reacted to the approval on social media:

Paul Donaldson: "As I understand it, these plans are temporary. Our seafront is a very neglected gem and in my opinion, its redevelopment is long overdue!

"To be brief, the seafront should, and could, be a centre for leisure and tourism creating much needed jobs and revenue!"

Keith Whalen: "I've been to a container 'city' in London, superb, Gateshead doing something similar and lots of Newcastle businesses giving it their blessing.

"Lots of positive feedback on social media as well.

"Sunderland have a similar idea and its complaining pretty much all the way with the exception of a few forward-thinking souls.

"Look round Newcastle City centre then look round Sunderland. Time to stop standing still."

Martin Potts: "Where's your vision Sunderland council? We have one of the best sea fronts in the country but we certainly don't make the most of it!

"Have a bit of vision and creativity and give reason for people outside of Sunderland to visit Sunderland!"

Christine Clark: "We need a big leisure centre with swimming ice skating soft play etc at least it will appeal to all age groups."

Paul Summerside: "The 'shipping container' idea isn't as daft as first glance. A similar development in Belfast made up of bars, cafes, curio shops. Looked good on TV. Trendy."

Paula McKinnell: "It's a seafront for God's sake. Bring back the fairground and leisure centre. Kiosks along the front selling candy floss and ice cream. Who wants to go to the beach when there's nothing there to enjoy?"

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Maria Smith: "Why not a funfair like we had years ago and brought people from all over. South Shields must make a fortune from Sunderland people."

Bill Walton: "Build it and they shall come. Just copy The Dunes at Shields. Bowling alley. Large indoor play. Restaurant.

"Nothing that will take business from existing businesses. Gym maybe? Haven’t got a scooby."

Julie Ann Sharples: "Sounds good, something different and for everyone! Better than another housing estate and wasted land."

Carley Amanda Armstrong: "Fab idea. Great way to try things out and see how popular it is in order to expand our tourist attraction. Rome wasn't built in a day.

"This could be the start of hopefully bigger things for the sea front and we deserve it we've waited long enough. Well done."

Laura Nellie Bell: "Love this idea. After visiting many other seafronts recently, including Scarborough a few weeks ago, I cannot help but think it's hard to beat our own. We just need a few more attractions. I'll certainly make use of this."

Paul M Hodgson: "Don't need a cinema,there's one in town ... don't need a market there's a couple in town one being empty ... leisure leisure leisure ... don't you bloody lot get it."

Marty Rome: "They've done this at Teesside Park it works really well, people like to moan for the sake of it."

Anthony Ditchburn: "Seen shipping containers down York last week in the city centre, they look bloody awful!"

Kev McAuley: "Do anything but PLEASE bring it up to date."