'The best since Peter Reid': 23 things you said about Sunderland manager target David Moyes

David Moyes is expected to be Sam Allardyce's successor at Sunderland.
David Moyes is expected to be Sam Allardyce's successor at Sunderland.
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Former Everton and Manchester United manager David Moyes is the overwhelming favourite to take over from Sam Allardyce as Sunderland boss.

Allardyce's appointment as England manager is expected to be confirmed once the FA has agreed a compensation package with the Black Cats.

The prospect of him being replaced by Moyes appears to have gone down well with supporters, with 81% of more than 1,700 Echo readers voting that he was the right man for the job in an online poll yesterday.

On Facebook, too, Moyes was given the seal of approval.

Andy Copeland posted: "Moyes will do a good job at Sunderland should he choose to join us ,at Man U he never stood a chance.

"He was brought in to save money for the American owners at a time when fans had always got whoever they wanted to play for United so they turned on Moyes instead of the owners."

Gaz Laybourn added: "Moyes is much better of a manager. If he sticks around I can see big things - Big Sam could only take us so far. I think Moyes will be the best thing that's happened to us since Peter Reid."

Scott Griffin said: "Judge him on Everton - he never stood a chance at United. He wasn't the big name manager, half the players didn't respect him and he was left with an aged and depleted squad.

"He'll do OK with Sunderland, get us mid-table and then hopefully take us forward to a European spot possibly if given time and money.

"(He's) also good at bleeding youngsters into teams and bringing them through - not a bad choice in my eyes and would have taken him over Allardyce the last time we needed a manager."

David James posted: "Well I am sorry to see the big man go, but the best of luck to him in his new post.

"It's the FA that needs to be rebuked for the way they have poached Big Sam from Sunderland, substantial compensation required.

"The only thing I can see wrong with appointing David Moyes is that all the pessimistic doom and gloom merchants will start up and not even give the guy a chance.

"Saying that, he's not got the job yet. An way if he gets it, good luck to him.

"Remember we are in the Premier League and the Mags are in the Championship - although they do think that is short for the Champions League of Europe. So Ha Way the lads and keep the Red Flag flying high."

Mark Barker added: "Has to be a man of vast PL experience and Moyes has that. Stability is what SAFC needs."

Alex Turley said: "Realistically, he's the best out there and suited to our club."

Micheal Etherington posted: "Sorry to see Sam go; wish him best of luck. Think David Moyes is a good choice."

Phil Durham added: "Moyes' last 8 seasons at Everton he didn't finish outside of the top 8!! And some don't think he's good enough for our club? Get a grip people."

Elsie Doyle said: "Whatever the club does, there will be only sacked managers available.

"The best out of those is needed because it does not matter what they are sacked for, experience goes a long way and sometimes it is not always the manager's fault. Best of luck but pick the right one."

Joe Walker posted: "Worst possible timing by the FA! Wish Big Sam the best. Moyes, average at Everton, **** at Man Utd!"

Yvonne Turnbull added: "Defo, Everton wer a gr8 force wen he was there!!!"

Others were left in two minds following Moyes' mixed fortunes at his last two clubs, Manchester United and Real Sociedad.

Tony Isles said: "Moyes only flopped at United because Ferguson left him a *** team and the assurance that no manager would be better than Fergie. Moyes should be judged on his Everton days and for me would be great for this club."

Craig Stott added: "Moyes will have learned at Man United and in Spain, but he was Everton manager for a good while. That's what we need: a manager for a few years who has handled the bigger teams. Even if he flopped, he still has the experience now."

Anthony Ditchburn posted: "Moyes would probably get us mid table if we are lucky, which is better than the last few seasons.

"He didn't succeed at Man United because of their high expectations. I think he would do well for us as we don't expect too much at SAFC, not that we don't want to go far but being realistic."

Margaret Crosbie said: "If we do get him, let's hope he does better than he did at Man U or we will be going down."

Allyson Timm added: "Sad to see Sam go, but I want to wish him the best and to thank him for everything he did. Moyes, I'm not sure of but willing to give him time and see what he can do."

Neil Purcell posted: "Another season and another manager; the club needs stability."

Sara Louise said: "Sad to see Sam go, but good luck to him. Happy if David Moyes takes over; could be worse."

John Ollier added: "With money he will succeed. It's up to Mr Short now!"

Marc Hope feels Moyes is better than Allardyce, and posted: "I'd rather have Moyes."

Ian Crow added: "We'll certainly be getting a manager of a higher level."

Others, though, were not so sure.

Alyn Robinson posted: "Not last a season."

Cath Breach added: "No please no."