Teen kicked out Metro window and filmed himself sticking head out of moving train joking he would get on ‘You’ve Been Framed’

South Hylton Metro station
South Hylton Metro station

An ‘immature’ teenager kicked out a Metro window and filmed himself sticking his head out of the moving train as it travelled through Sunderland.

Layton Inglis caused more than £400 in damage when he performed the dangerous stunt he later joked would get him on TV’s You’ve Been Framed, South Tyneside magistrates heard.

He could have hurt himself but wanted to film himself and sell the video to You’ve Been Framed

Probation Service report

The 18-year-old swung from the overhead handlebars of the train carriage then used both feet to push the window out, leading to the train being taken out of service for customers.

Prosecutor Glenda Beck said the incident occurred at shortly after 6.40pm on June 22, when Inglis and a group of youths had boarded the train at South Hylton.

She said: “This defendant was seen to grab hold of the overhead handrails and swung forward with both feet causing the window to fall out.

“Metro staff noticed this at some point after the incident and the train was taken to the depot, which caused disruption to customers.”

The train window cost £445 to replace.

A CCTV image was circulated to local police, who identified Inglis and he was arrested.

He told officers: “I was on the Metro and I kicked the window out.”

Inglis, of High Street, South Hylton, pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

A probation report said: “He was travelling with his friends from South Hylton to Pallion.

“He though it would be fun, just fun.

“He does have some recognition he could have hurt himself and that other persons could have been distressed.

“They were sticking their heads out the window after the window had been knocked out.

“He could have hurt himself but wanted to film himself and sell the video to You’ve Been Framed.”

The report added that Inglis was excluded from college due to causing criminal damage there and said he would not bother getting a job, because he would only be sacked because of his attitude.

He has a previous commitment conviction for theft from his parents, for which his mother reported him to the police, it added.

Jason Smith, defending, said: “It’s difficult because all that I have to say about Layton, he finds embarrassing.

“He is 18 years old but the friends he hangs about with are perhaps more suitable to his educational needs.

“We are here with a young chap whose friends or peer group are substantially younger than him, who are of the same educational ability and intellectual understanding as him.

“He wasn’t expecting the window to break, he was messing around.

“He has no real understanding or concept of the ramifications.

“He could have put people at risk. He’s put a train out of use and caused some disruption to rail services.”

Inglis was sentenced to a 12-month community order with 20 days’ specified activity.

He was told to pay £425 in compensation and £85 costs.

A Nexus spokesman said after the case: “Anyone who commits a crime on Metro will be caught and they will be prosecuted.

“We have a network of over 600 CCTV cameras and these help to pin point offenders and this is evidence which is passed over to the police.

“People who damage Metro carriages are just spoiling the transport system for law abiding customers and causing delays to services, given that all damaged trains have to go back to the depot.”