Take part in the Sunderland Big City Survey


How much do you love your city? And what could be done to improve it as a place in which you work, rest and play?

We want to know the answers to these questions and more as we launch our big city survey for Sunderland. We want to get under the skin of the city and find out what you think makes it tick – and what ticks you off.

Are the shops good enough? Are there enough great places to eat and drink in? Are your leisure and cultural needs met? Do you feel safe when you are out and about? Are you happy with local health care? Are you fed up of being caught in traffic every day?

Sunderland Echo Editorial Director Joy Yates said: “We have an enormous pride in our city but are also well aware that it is not perfect.

“We cover the big issues every day and keep you aware of what is happening in your community – but always want to know what the thoughts are of our readers.

“This survey gives us the opportunity to really tap in to the feelings of everyone who uses the city and find out the good and the bad.”

Joy added: “This survey is wide-ranging, covering a number of issues including lifestyle and leisure, transport, crime, health and where you think cash should be spent to improve local life. It is quick and easy to fill in.

“The more people who take part, the more our survey will be representative of the thousands of people who call Sunderland home. So it would be great if you could spend 10 minutes of your day to make sure your voice is heard.”

The findings will be published in the Sunderland Echo later this year. We will then be running surveys on a regular basis to ensure we continue to capture your views on all the issues that matter to your lives.

To take part in our quick and easy big city survey, go online to sunderlandecho.com/survey