Sunderland woman turned up on stranger’s doorstep, urinated, made bonfire and put brick through window


A woman turned up on the doorstep of a total stranger, urinated, made a bonfire, then put a brick through the window.

Bethany Mewse, 23, was clutching a bottle of Lambrini as she turned up at the man’s Southwick home at 9am on July 31, Sunderland magistrates heard.



Prosecutor Laura Lax said: “The complainant was at his home address in Keats Avenue when he heard banging on the door.

“He finds Miss Mewse sitting on the doorstep, drinking from a bottle of Lambrini.

“He asked who she was and why she was there.

“She said her name was Bethany and that she was at the address to see her boyfriend, Anthony.

She has no idea who the injured party is and she has no reason to go back to that address ever again

Jason Smith, defending

“The complainant said there was nobody by that name living there and Miss Mewse asked if there was any post for her.

“He gave her some post that had been addressed to a previous occupant.

“He felt sorry for her and allowed her inside to use the toilet.

“He then asked Miss Mewse to leave, because he was leaving the house himself.



“At 11.30am he returns to find the remains of a small bonfire and the burned remnants of the post he had handed to Miss Mewse earlier, along with two puddles of urine up against the wall.

“The complainant became aware that Miss Mewse was still in the area and shouted at her that she wasn’t welcome at the address.

“At 4.30pm she knocks on the door and ask if she can use the toilet, which he refuses.”

Miss Lax said that a short time later he hears a loud bang, before received a phone call from a neighbour saying his window has been smashed.

When the man goes outside to investigate, another neighbour points at Mewse and an unknown male, who becomes aggressive, the court heard.

“As police has already been called he doesn’t want to make the situation worse and returns to his property,” Miss Lax added.

He said in a victim statement read out in court: “I did nothing to deserve this. I tried to help this woman this morning.

“I’m worried she will return to my address and cause more damage or assault me.”

Mewse, of Ashkirk, Lakeside, pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

Jason Smith, defending, said: “It’s a very strange one, this one.

“This is the address of Bethany’s former partner, he had previously lived there.

“She has received some correspondence from a friend that there may well be letters at that address that belonged to her.

“She was in an aggressive and abusive relationship at that address.

“Because she had to go to that address she had a drink – quite a lot of drink – that was more of a Dutch courage situation.

“She does remember throwing the brick at the window in retribution.

“She has no idea who the injured party is and she has no reason to go back to that address ever again.”

Mewse was fined £80 and was told to pay £100 compensation, £85 costs and £30 surcharge.