Sunderland tearaway teen trashed YMCA flat, spraying graffiti and knifing chair

The YMCA on Toward Road.
The YMCA on Toward Road.

A teenage tearaway trashed the apartment she had been allowed to stay in by a Sunderland charity.

Jessica Holloway, 18, caused £500 of damage when she was staying at the YMCA in Toward Road, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Don’t touch my stuff, I’m going back to my tent

Jessica Holloway

She sprayed graffiti on the walls, drew swear words in lipstick on a window and left a knife stuck in a chair.

Prosecutor Justin Gibson said: “The defendant was a resident at the time and has returned to the premises.

“She is described as kicking into the doors shouting to be let through them.

“She told staff she would return later to get her belongings, and ‘don’t touch my stuff, I’m going back to my tent’.

Mr Gibson said when police attended the walls had graffiti sprayed across them, with swearing written on a window in lipstick. One chair had a knife stuck in the back, piercing the material.

The damage was estimated to be £500, he added.

When Holloway was arrested, she told officers she had used a spray can to write “Holloway” on the wall and a smiley face. She added that other people, who she would not name, had caused damage too.

She said: “It was months ago, it’s been seen by members of staff and police many times, I don’t understand why now?”

Holloway, of Ashkirk, Lakeside Village, admitted criminal damage, along with three thefts of cosmetics and jewellery, on February 11, in the The Bridges. She was subject to a conditional discharge for battery at the time.

Peter Thubron, defending, said: “She recalls she used spray paint on the walls, she regrets that.

“That, and the words on the window, was about September-ish last year. As she said the staff have seen that, the police have seen that.

“It was on March 17, when she told them she wanted to move out.”

Mr Thubron said that he disagreed the damage would cost £500 to rectify, and added that the goods she stole were the currency required by her lega- highs dealer.

She was given a six-month conditional discharge and was told to pay £50 compensation and £20 victim surcharge.