Sunderland nightclub dancer whose Bootylicious routine went viral is stunned at her fame

Rachel calls the 'teddy bear roll' her signature move, and says she even did it in her wedding dress.
Rachel calls the 'teddy bear roll' her signature move, and says she even did it in her wedding dress.

A mum-of-three from Sunderland whose unorthodox dance moves went viral after she was filmed in a nightclub has told of her shock at her sudden fame.

Rachel McCann Parkin, 33, was captured rolling around on her bum with her legs outstretched to the Destiny’s Child’s song Bootylicious at Arizona nightclub in Sunderland.

She was filmed by a stranger while out celebrating a friend's 30th birthday, and the video quickly went viral, being viewed more than 500,000 times.

The footage, recorded on Snapchat in the early hours of Saturday and shared on Twitter by user Micky Jones (@MJJ93_) has been the talk of the weekend.

Rachel, a shop assistant at B&M, said: “I’m still in shock at how the video has travelled. I don’t even go out much.

"It’s ‘the teddy bear roll’. It’s been my signature move since I was young. I even did it on my wedding night in my £1,300 dress."

Micky Jones uploaded the video on to Twitter by Micky Jones with the caption: “How Sunderland didn't win city of culture I'll never know."

Rachel said: “I didn’t know I was being filmed. I was quite upset and embarrassed when I first found out, and I cried for quite a while.

“I thought there was going to be loads of nasty comments.

“But a friend showed me the majority of people were saying nice things and calling me a ‘legend’.”

“I’ll keep doing it. Everyone was saying it’s hilarious.”

Rachel, whose night out ended back at her Sunderland home at 5am on Saturday, said: “With people filming stuff like this it’s going to come to a point when people get scared of being themselves. I just want people to be themselves.”

She added: “I wasn’t asking for trouble. I wasn’t bullying anyone or starting a fight. I was just enjoying myself.”