Sunderland MPs dismayed by 61% win for Leave in city's EU Referendum result

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Sunderland's MPs have reacted with disappointment and dismay after the Leave vote came out on top in Wearside.

A total of 82,394 people out of 134,400 voted to leave the European Union in the city's referendum poll, with 51,930 voting Remain.

(l-r) Julie Elliott, Bridget Phillipson and Sharon Hodgson

(l-r) Julie Elliott, Bridget Phillipson and Sharon Hodgson

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The news, combined with a weaker victory for Remain in Newcastle, saw the value of the pound drop instantly.

Sunderland's three Labour MPs have been campaigning for Remain, and reacted accordingly to the news.

Sunderland Central MP Julie Elliott said: "I'm obviously very disappointed with the result tonight, but it wasn't unexpected.

"Staying in the European Union is the right thing for this region economically.

"We are so much better off in the European Union, it benefits the North East. For every pound we put in we get £10 back in investment.

She added: "It is absolutely the right thing for us to remain, to keep jobs and services in the region. The tariffs on export would hit us especially.

"Clearly there are lessons to be learned and we need to be out there talking to people to understand what's going on in the North East. What they have been saying to me is they feel as though things can't get any worse, and I feel that's more of a reflection on national government, rather than the European Union."

Houghton and Sunderland South MP Bridget Phillipson said: ""It's a disappointing result. I think it does reflect the dissatisfaction that many voters here feel, that time and time again the North East is being overlooked for investment.

"We still have many people on low wages and in insecure jobs, and unemployment remains high. We are still one of the most deprived parts of the country.

"The vote that we have seen reflects then dissatisfaction that people feel at being given a kicking time and time again by the Tory government."