Sunderland MP says government is in “meltdown” after resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson

Washington and Sunderland West MP Sharon Hodgson.
Washington and Sunderland West MP Sharon Hodgson.

A Sunderland MP says Theresa May’s government is “collapsing before our very eyes” after Brexit secretary David Davis and foreign secretary Boris Johnson both resigned.

Sharon Hodgson, the MP for Washington and Sunderland West, says the government is in “complete and utter meltdown” after the latest update.

David Davis plunged Theresa May into a fresh leadership crisis after resigning as Brexit secretary.

David Davis plunged Theresa May into a fresh leadership crisis after resigning as Brexit secretary.

Davis’ dramatic resignation rocked May’s premiership after he warned the UK was giving “too much away, too easily” in the Brexit talks.

He said the government had gone further than it should have in the negotiations, and warned it was a “dangerous strategy”.

His late-night resignation plunged May into a fresh leadership crisis and he was swiftly followed out of the Department for Exiting the EU by ally Steve Baker.

This was followed by the resignation of Mr Johnson on Monday afternoon.

This Government is collapsing before our very eyes.

Sharon Hodgson

Ms Hodgson, who is currently taking part in informative meetings in Brussels about Brexit alongside fellow Wearside MP Bridget Phillipson, has hit out at the government over the situation.

She said: “The resignation of David Davis and Steve Baker is further evidence that this is a government in complete and utter meltdown.

“It has taken two years for the cabinet to agree a negotiating position on Brexit, and it has fallen apart after less than two days.

“Respecting the result of the referendum does not mean mindlessly ploughing forward with reckless decisions that will have a negative impact on people’s lives.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

“The longer this mess goes on, the higher the risk of us ending up with a terrible deal, or a no-deal Brexit.

“Outside of the Westminster bubble, people will be wondering why it is that this government has no domestic agenda, why there is no plan for schools, for our NHS, for the future of work.

“Tory infighting is damaging this country, and something has got to change.

Speaking about Boris Johnson, Ms Hodgson added: “Boris Johnson has shown nothing but contempt for the position of Foreign Secretary during his calamitous tenure.

“His resignation now is yet another example of the Tories putting personal ambition and pride above the national interest.

“This Government is collapsing before our very eyes.

“Our constituents and our country deserve better.”

Davis said a leadership challenge would be the “wrong thing to do” and insisted he believed May was a “good prime minister”.

Asked if she could survive, he replied: “Oh yes, of course.”

Davis told BBC Radio 4’s Today: “When we debated this at cabinet on Friday my opening remark to Theresa was ‘Prime Minister, as you know I’m going to be the odd man out in this’.

“She knew this because I had written to her earlier in the week.”

He admitted he had “lost the argument in cabinet”, adding: “In my view, this policy has got a number of weaknesses.

“I would be front and centre in delivering this policy, explaining it to the house, persuading the house it is right, and then going out and delivering it with the EU.

“Frankly, just as it was known what the policy was, it was also known I had concerns about it.

“It would not have been a plausible thing to do and I wouldn’t have done a good job at it.”