Sunderland author pens novel about dystopian future

Owen Seth
Owen Seth
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A Wearside author has published the latest novel in a trilogy that plunges the reader into a dystopian future.

Part of the He Runs trilogy, He Runs P2 is available to download on Amazon and is the latest work of fiction from the pen of Owen Seth from Barnes.

As well as penning two of the trilogy novels, Owen has written two other novels, Soup and Abbatoir, and is making a name for himself with his works of fiction proving popular in Amazon’s charts.

He Runs follows the journey of Man, a nameless hero, as he fights for his survival in a distant future where civilised society has been torn apart by war.

Though it is never shared in an explicit way, Man’s world is set in the aftermath of the detonation of some form of weapon of electrical mass destruction. The impact of this E-bomb has relegated mankind back to the Stone Ages.

Owen said: “Right now we’re living in times of political instability and great change, where things we would never would have thought possible are becoming our everyday reality.

“The He Runs trilogy, like most dystopian fiction, explores what life is like in a world gone mad. One that’s been tormented and torn apart by political upheaval and war, where humans are forced to reevaluate their civilised behaviour if they want to survive. I’m not saying that the election of the latest president of the United States is necessarily going to bring about the next world war or destroy civilisation as we know it like the world I’m writing about, but when we’re feeling the ripples of something big like this, who’s to say what might happen.”

Speaking about creativity in the region, the former Northumbria University student said: “I think that the North East is an exceptionally creative place, a thriving area of progressive culture that’s built on the foundations of a succulent historical background. It’s a region often underrepresented in the literary world but we’re a friendly bunch with a lot to say. And I’ve got high hopes for those voices that are willing to break through.”