Sunderland 10th most affordable city in the world for university students, finds report

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Sunderland is one of the very cheapest places in the world for university students, a report has found.

Sunderland is second only to Hull when it comes to studying in England at an affordable cost - and 10th in the world.

At the other end of the scale, London, New York and Boston rank as the world's most expensive cities for students.

The study was carried out by, the world's largest marketplace for student accommodation, which today released the Cities in Focus: Global Student Accommodation Indicator - a report revealing the world's most expensive and affordable cities for student housing.

The average weekly spend on rent across 92 cities worldwide is approximately £168 per week, according to the report - with Sunderland's average at £94 per week.

Luke Nolan, founder and CEO at, said: "We speak to students around the world every day and our biggest piece of advice is always: start your search as early as possible.

"By planning ahead and exploring the market, students can find quality accommodation that fits within their budgets - even in cities that are more expensive than average."

Speaking on the report, he added: "It's evident that the big urban centres around the world remain huge magnets for both international and domestic students. On average, students pay more to live in these cities, but that's not to say that there aren't more affordable options available.

"Across Australia, the UK and the US, cities with larger supplies of purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) tend to be, on average, more affordable than cities that are under supplied. As the PBSA market grows, we'll continue to see a more diversified range of options that cater to different budgets."

London, Los Angeles and Sydney were the most popular destinations booked by users in the UK, the USA and Australia respectively.

The report analyses weekly rent spend by students who booked accommodation in 92 cities worldwide last year via

On average, students in New York, Boston and London spend the most on their accommodation rent globally, whilst students in Auburn (Alabama), Athens (Georgia), and Tallahassee (Florida) spend the least.

In New York, students spend on average £332 per week on their rent, 98% higher than the global average.

In terms of countries, average weekly rent spend is highest in Australia - 23% above the global average.

In addition to the global rankings, the report also includes country data for the UK, the US and Australia.

In terms of total bookings, London, Los Angeles and Sydney are the most popular cities in the UK, the USA and Australia respectively.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities (Global)

1 New York, USA

2 Boston, USA

3 London, UK

4 Washington, USA

5 La Jolla, USA

6 Oxford, UK

7 Sydney, AUS

8 Cambridge, UK

9 Los Angeles, USA

10 Seattle, USA

Top 10 Most Affordable Cities (Global)

1 Auburn, USA

2 Athens, USA

3 Tallahassee, USA

4 Hull, UK

5 Norman, USA

6 Gainesville, USA

7 Bloomington, USA

8 Columbia, USA

9 Dundee, UK

10 Sunderland, UK