Stunning, breathtaking, awe-inspiring - pictures from a dazzling night at Sunderland Tall Ships

An amazing night at the Tall Ships in Sunderland
An amazing night at the Tall Ships in Sunderland
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Wow - just wow!

A spectacular show of death-defying bravery, stunning performances and simply gorgeous effects played out before a crowd of thousands as the penultimate day of the Tall Ships in Sunderland.

See amazing pictures from the events here.

Gasps of wonder and awe rang out as Chris Bullzini and fellow artist Johanne Humblet from Cirque Bijou completed an incredible crossing of the River Wear along a 700ft tightrope which sat 100ft in the air.

And down below scores of local performers added to the scene of wonder with an amazing routine featuring glowing umbrellas. To top it off, the Wearmouth Bridge became a waterfall of fire as a cascade of pyrotechnics cascaded from the historic structure as the high wire walkers completed their routine.

The events were far from the grand finale, however. The Parade of Sail takes place from 1.30pm on Saturday, which will see the impressive ships depart to take part in the Tall Ships Races to Denmark.