Struggling dog saved from the sea by surfer

The incident happened in Roker earlier this evening.
The incident happened in Roker earlier this evening.

A dog was helped to safety after it got into difficulties when it went into the sea off Sunderland.

Sunderland Coastguard Rescue Team were called out just before 6.30pm today after they were alerted by a report that the pet may be in some trouble out in the water.

The incident happened off Marine Walk in Roker, in between the two piers.

A spokesman said: "Luckily for the pup a nearby surfer was able to get the dog safely back to shore and out of danger as we were proceeding.

"With this information we were free to return to station.

"If you love dogs like we do please ensure you keep them on a leash around cliffs and water.

"Conditions can be far worse than you realise and it's very easy for an animal to disappear over a ledge you haven't seen or be washed out in a current you weren't aware of."