Shoppers express sadness over Mothercare's closure plans

Sunderland's Mothercare shop is to close.
Sunderland's Mothercare shop is to close.

More should be done to help our city centre thrive according to shoppers left disappointed after Mothercare confirmed it is to close its Sunderland store.

The company, which sells maternity items, children's clothing, nursery furniture, bedding, pushchairs, toys, feeding equipment and car seats and carriers, will shut the High Street West shop next month after being in the city for 50 years.

The Echo understands around seven employees will be affected by the closure, which the firm has said is “part of a larger transformation plan for our business."

Leanne White was among those who expressed concern about the future of the high street.

She said: "What on earth is happening to Sunderland shops?

"Before long there will be nothing left and let's face it, there isn't much there as it is."

Sue Kelsey added: "There's going to be nothing left in Sunderland.
"How can they call us a city? There's nothing here anymore, it beggars belief."

Liz Naisby posted on our Facebook page: "Oh so sad....what is Sunderland coming to? Going to be a ghost town."

Christine Tait said: "Too much competition now with supermarkets.
"I've bought a lot of lovely baby clothes and accessories from there, such a shame."

Alex Kellett said: "This isn't just a problem with Sunderland.

"Mothercare shops have been closing down all over this must be one of the last left in city/town centres.

"Retail parks are much more customer friendly for what you buy in those stores ie you can get cars close to the door to pick up big items."

Leanne Askew said: "I got loads of things from Mothercare for my daughter.

"Loved the baby clothes and even the older clothes they are fab quality wasn't badly priced either.

"Such a shame to see it go, why can't it move into Debenhams?"

Darren Tilt said: "I've got a six-month old son and me and my partner buy a lot from the store as it's about the only place that sells decent baby clothes/items in Sunderland.

"It's a shame to see another quality shop close, I just hope the staff are looked after by the company as they were always friendly and helpful."

In a statement, Mothercare said: "We will be emailing our customers in the local area to advise of the changes and provide details of the nearest stores, Mothercare Gateshead and Mothercare North Shields.

“We greatly value all our customers in the area and would like to thank them for their continued loyalty and support for Mothercare.

“Whilst we regret the closure of the store, it is part of a larger transformation plan for our business.”

Read more about the closure plans here.