Sail trainees join in with Tall Ships fun on visit to Sunderland

Young people visiting Sunderland onboard a Tall Ship have been having a great time getting to know Sunderland.

John Dally, one of the chaperones on The Swan, is looking after 10 sail trainees aged between 15 and 20.

John Dally, chaperone of sail trainees onboard The Swan.

John Dally, chaperone of sail trainees onboard The Swan.

The ship left the Shetland Islands in the early hours of Sunday and cruised into the Port of Sunderland on Tuesday afternoon.

Since then, its trainees and crew have been enjoying the entertainment which forms part of the Wearside leg of the sailing event.

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John told the Echo that the trainees, who are all from the Shetland Islands, have taken part in team sports including handball and the tug of war.

Tomorrow, the races will start five miles off the shore of Sunderland.

But how does John think The Swan will do?

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The 118-year-old ex-fishing boat may not be built for speed - so for him, his trainees and the rest of the crew it’s all about enjoying the experience.

John also visited Hartlepool in 2010 when the town hosted the races - and at that time, he was helping Lerwick prepare to host the races the following year. At that event, he acted as chief liaison officer.