SAFC legend Gary Bennett says Big Sam can’t be blamed for wanting England job

Gary Bennett.
Gary Bennett.
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Gary Bennett says Sam Allardyce should not be blamed if he accepts the England manager’s job.

The Roker Park legend said any manager would be delighted to be offered the top job.

Just to be considered for the job, never mind interviewed, is a massive, massive honour.

Gary Bennett

“Just to be considered for the job, never mind interviewed, is a massive, massive honour,” said Gary.

“If anybody was offered that job, you could not blame him for taking it and the club can’t really stand in his way.”

It was interesting to speculate on what might have happened had England not lost to Iceland in the Euro 2016 finals: “It makes you wonder , if we had gone further in the Euros, then would we be in this position?” said Gary.

“But because of what happened, the FA have had to act quickly. Any list of people suitable for that job would have had Sam on it, but unfortunately, he is top of the list.”

If the FA did offer Big Sam the top job, the club would need to move quickly to find a replacement, said Gary, who now works as a BBC Radio Newcastle match summariser.

“You’ve got David Moyes, people like that, but you are thinking ‘how are they going to fit with the club?’ That’s the big question, because Sam has done a good job - he has laid the foundations of what he wanted with the quality of the players he has brought in and everybody has bought into it and it is a case of building on that.”

A new manager would need time to settle in, said Gary.

“The players themselves have adapted to Sam - they have got use to Sam Allardyce’s training methods, got used to Sam Allardyce’s match tactics and they know what he wanted.

“Now they might all have to change that mentality.”