Politicians lack the bottle to introduce cashback recycling scheme in Sunderland

Plastic bottle recycling, Coun Peter Wood
Plastic bottle recycling, Coun Peter Wood
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Will Sunderland City Council show some bottle and adopt an environmentally-friendly recycling scheme?

Tory councillor Peter Wood is leading the call for the introduction of a plastic bottle and can deposit scheme in the city.

It’s certainly an idea that has captured the imagination of the public.

In particular, those who remember the days when you were paid in cash for returning pop bottles.

You only have to look about the hedgerows and parklands of our city to know that plastic bottles are a problem.

But it’s an issue that goes further afield.

Plastic bottles do not degrade and when they end up in our seas and waterways they can cause havoc with wildlife.

Readers have for the large part welcomed the move. They point out that not only did the bottle deposit schemes of old work well, but in the likes of Germany and in Australia these schemes have been running successfully for some time.

The statistics speak loudest. In the UK we recycle less than 60% of plastic bottles. In Germany, they recycle 98%.

The power of a cash incentive to care for your environment should never be underestimated.

The sticking point, however, may be the politics of the move. The Conservatives are pushing for this scheme, but will a Labour dominated council side with the opposition?

We doubt it.

To be fair, this is a national issue and one in which we would expect the Government to taking the lead. But you won’t hear the local Tories criticising their national leaders.

Someone needs to show some bottle, but where and on who would you place your money?