Police step up crackdown on motorbike disorder in Sunderland

Police put a motorbike into a van.
Police put a motorbike into a van.
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Police have stepped up their crackdown on motorbike disorder in Sunderland amidst increased complaints.

Officers from Northumbria Police acted after an increase in concerns around off-road motorbikes being ridden inconsiderately, irresponsibly and often illegally in areas around Doxford Park and Hendon, in particular Burdon and Moorside.

Police say off-road motorbikes are being ridden along footpaths and fields, on the old railway line and even on the beach at Hendon.

The disorder is causing not just a nuisance to the local community but is a danger to dog walkers, horse riders and young children.

To tackle the issue the local neighbourhood policing team is taking action and asking members of the public to help.

Sunderland East Pc Lisa Pallister said: "We know motorbike disorder is becoming a real concern for our local residents and want to do all we can to tackle this but we do need the public's help. They will know who these bikes belong to, their neighbour, or neighbour's children, may have a bike and if they know someone in their street has an off road motorbike then we want them to let us know.

"They may not be responsible for the disorder that is being caused but at least it helps us to eliminate them from our enquiries.

"We want members of the public to be mindful of their own safety and not challenge these motorbike riders but if they can do so safely, and only if they can do so safely without putting themselves at risk, we would ask them to take a photograph of the motorbike and send it us as this may help us to identify the rider."

Officers are reminding people it is illegal for off-road motorbikes to be ridden on public land and private land without the landowners permission.

Pc Pallister added: "It's important we raise awareness around the dangers and consequences of riding off-road motorbikes inconsiderately and irresponsibly and we will be going into schools to speak to pupils about the risks involved. We will also be reminding them about the law and also telling them what could happen to them if they are caught riding one of these motorbikes on public land."

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: "Anyone who thinks it’s alright to break the law and ride motorbikes in public places, should think again. This proactive policing sends out a loud and clear message - this behaviour won't be tolerated in Sunderland.

"Not only are these irresponsible people putting themselves at risk but also the safety of others.

"I hope local residents feel encouraged to contact the police if they see any disorder like this, and I will ensure ASB remains a top priority for Northumbria Police."

Photographs or information can be emailed to the team at A2NPT@northumbria.pnn.police.uk