PICTURE SPECIAL: Readers' photos of a fantastic Sunderland International Airshow

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Readers were quick to share their pictures with us of another memorable Sunderland International Airshow.

We've gathered some of them together and turned them into a slideshow full of memories of a great weekend.

Alan Sill sent us this great Airshow picture.

Alan Sill sent us this great Airshow picture.

Thanks to the following for sending in their shots: Alan Sill, Allison Carr, Amy Dawson, Connor Newton, Courtney Leigh Gardner, David Morton, Eileen Robinson, Jasmine Briggs, Kaillum McDermont, Karen King, Kath Laythorpe, Lauren Gilchrist, Ian MacDonald, Robert Jensen, Robyn Flemming and Sandra Burdess.

* Have you got any airshow pics? We'd love to see them. Share them with us via Twitter or Facebook or email them to copydesk.northeast@jpress.co.uk