Nine things you had to say about plans to demolish Sunderland paper mill

Hendon Paper Mill could make way for housing.
Hendon Paper Mill could make way for housing.

People have had their say on plans to demolish Hendon Paper Mill to make way for housing.

The Echo revealed earlier this week that the owners of the mill, Edward Thompson Group, want to redevelop the site.

We are desperate for good quality housing in the city

Anthony Longford

The mill, in Sunderland’s Ocean Road, has been closed since the 1980s.

A planning application to bulldoze the site was initially turned down by Sunderland City Council earlier this year, but a new bid is being made.

That news was mostly welcomed by readers commenting on the Echo’s Facebook page.

Anthony Longford wrote: “We are desperate for good quality housing in the city.

“It’s clearly not a building that will be restored to its former glory (if indeed it ever was glorious) so it will remain an eyesore and a danger.

“Put the land to good use and get some affordable housing for first time buyers.”

Paul Donaldson added: “Converting this historic building into high quality apartments would be the catalyst for outside investment and a complete rejuvenation of that area of the East End.”

David Lash said: “About time, could be a decent bit of coastline down there if redeveloped.”

Dale Collinson posted: “Flatten it and get some houses built.”

The previous application was rejected on the grounds of the loss of bat roosts, a protected species, and that historical information could be lost if not recorded.

Moves have since been made to secure the posting of 10 bat boxes.

It is expected that full planning permission will be sought for housing on the site, which already has outline planning permission.

The prospect of the site being turned into flats or housing appears to be a popular one.

Nathan Armstrong posted: “Turn it into flats.”

Chris Sumby wrote: “Ideal for housing – rather than green belt.”

April Place added: “Get it pulled down – it’s a total eyesore!”

However, some readers are adamant the mill should not be pulled down.

Colin Fozzard posted: “Why do we keep knocking down our history and heritage?

“Most cities and towns use it to build a better place.

“Turn it into apartments or a leisure complex, anything but demolish it.”

Angela McGinley added: “Another part of Sunderland’s history getting wiped off the map.”