Meet the candidates vying for your votes in Southwick at Sunderland's local elections

Southwick candidates, clockwise, from top left, Anna Debska (Green Party), Clair Rachel Hall (Conservative), Bill Meeks (Liberal Democrat) and Alex Samuels (Labour Party).
Southwick candidates, clockwise, from top left, Anna Debska (Green Party), Clair Rachel Hall (Conservative), Bill Meeks (Liberal Democrat) and Alex Samuels (Labour Party).

Here are the candidates for Southwick explaining why you should vote for them in the Sunderland Council local elections on May 3.


The local elections are on May 3.

The local elections are on May 3.

I have lived in Sunderland for three years and currently volunteer for several local charities.

My experiences in the voluntary sector have given me an understanding of the community’s needs, and as a councillor I would work to ensure that the views of Southwick’s residents are listened to with respect.

At the moment, they are ignored too often.

We need better services, including provision for our young people, and more effective waste disposal.

I strongly believe in human rights and social justice and my work on the council would reflect this.

Vote Green for a voice for Southwick.


Having worked many years in Southwick, I have seen how the residents have been let down by an incompetent Labour council.

Their mismanagement of children’s services has brought disgrace to our City, yet they still have not held any of their politicians responsible.

We need more investment in Southwick not waste on unsustainable vanity projects.

Affordable social housing is badly needed.

Litter, fly-tipping, dog fouling and potholes are just some of the things that blight our everyday lives that need addressing.

If I am elected I will not be shy in pushing to rectify the problems.


I have lived in Southwick all of my life.

I love the place and its heritage.

Although I am a professional actor, I have also worked in support roles for learning disabilities for most of my life.

Things need to change in our local area and I believe I can make a positive difference to Southwick and our City.

I have already began by talking to local residents and shopkeepers.

I am particularly concerned about the state of Southwick Green.

Voters in Southwick have only ever elected Labour and Liberal Councillors – only we will change things for the better.


I was born on Carley Road, and attended local schools.

I am now bringing up my own family in the community, often attending local play groups.

I also work in the area, for the PDSA on North Hylton Road.

I enjoy helping others and will take the skills I have to give back to our community.

My top priorities if elected are to tackle littering and dog fouling.

The state of the back lanes needs improving.

Your local Labour councillors have already got the council to agree to a deep clean of the worst affected areas.

I look forward to working with them on these priorities.

By James Harrison, Local Democracy Reporting Service