Maws Pies, Annabel's and six in a row - 20 things readers think make you a Mackem

Some of your favourite things.
Some of your favourite things.

National Mackem Day arrives in the city on Sunday.

And ahead of the big celebration this weekend, we asked what you think makes you a Mackem.

You loved a Woolies pick 'n' mix!

You loved a Woolies pick 'n' mix!

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Here are some of your best suggestions for marking the occasion, and what makes you proud to be a Wearsider:

Cheryl Forster: "Joining the Chipper Club in the Echo when you were a kid ... I thought I’d really made it when I got my members card and a little badge through the post."

Kim Clark: "Loved the smell of the hops from Vaux back in the day going into the town. Maws mince pies and mushy peas ... bring them back."

Queuing outside Joplings.

Queuing outside Joplings.

Moe Craik: "Joplings and the little climbing frame in children's shoe department and getting lost and having my name announced on the tannoy then getting wrong off mam for following somebody else with a navy coat on."

Jessica Wilkinson: "Going to the leisure centre on a Saturday afternoon for a swim, purposely ignoring the lights when it showed it was time for your coloured band to come out and just pleading ignorance. And grabbing a good spot for when the wave machine came on."

Mark Birdsall: "Annabel's or Ku club."

Ann Wills: "Finos and the Rink for us."

The Vaux horses.

The Vaux horses.

Andy Woods: "Going to Woolworths to by a LP."

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Ron Cooper: "As an exile coming home and going into Jackie Whites Market for an Ibbitson's pork sarnie on the way to the match."

Patricia Ann Hall: "Pork fat on stottie cake."

Eileen Watson: "Penshaw."

Carol Scott: "Bentley's for me."

Stewart Graham: "Six in a row FTM."

Suzanne Bewick: "Using Joplings money in the little sweets hop with your little basket. Loved that."

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Jean Mitchell Wynd: "C&A, Binns, loved them stores Woolworths, loved to see the big dray horses round Sunderland."

Val Lunn: "Been south for nearly 20 years but still miss the smell of Vaux."

Claire Foster: "Coming home and seeing Penshaw Monument first and getting to arm punch all the losers in the car."

Hilda Davidson: "The rink and the noise from the shipyards the smell of hops from Vauxhall’s oh those were the days."

Carole Gallagher: "The dray horses and seagulls."

Joe Walker: "Going to the match at Roker Park in the 50s & 60s!"

Andy Scott: "Saveloy Dips."