'Like family' at 'the best place to work' - your happy memories of working at Littlewoods in Sunderland

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Former Littlewoods workers have been taking a walk down memory lane after the news their former workplace is to become a home for new businesses.

We reported earlier today how the former Littlewoods call centre and warehouse site in Commercial Road, Sunderland, is set to become a new home to businesses who have had to move because of major work under the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor project.

The Littlewoods operation on the site closed down in 2010, and most of the buildings have now been cleared ready for development.

While many of you thought it was a good idea to bring the site back into use, there was also some sadness remembering the loss of the premises - and happy memories of when it was "the best place to work".

Tracey Mitchinson said: "Lots of happy memories, it was a good place to work. It's the great people I miss. They were like family. Something I haven't experienced working for any other organisation."

Stacey Brickle said: "So true, I literally grieved leaving here. I would go back tomorrow."

Amanda Dryden said: "It was the best place to work, that call centre. We had the best laughs xxx"

Kayliegh Jones said: "It was the best place ever. I'd go back in a heartbeat if I could."

Elizabeth Ann Scott said: "Absolutely loved working here. Hated the shift pattern though!"

Laura Gallagher said: "I remember the smoking room ceiling tiles being absolutely black."

Alexandra Scott said: "It was a canny little job that. Had some funny callers."