'Let people enjoy the sunshine' - 13 things you said about Sunderland's bank holiday parking row

Did you head down to the coast this weekend?
Did you head down to the coast this weekend?

An argument over parking near to Sunderland's seafront has split the opinions of Echo readers.

People living in Seaburn and Roker were said to be "abused and insulted" when they asked motorists to move vehicles which were blocking driveways and side roads over the bank holiday weekend.

The scorching weather brought people down to the seaside in droves.

The scorching weather brought people down to the seaside in droves.

Councillor George Howe, for Fulwell, also told the Echo that people were "parking everywhere" due to car parks being full as the good weather drove everyone towards the coast.

Now, some Echo readers have called on drivers to be more courteous of those residents living near to the seafront - while others have blamed the problem parking on too few spaces, and the lack of public transport.

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According to a Sunderland City Council spokesman, a number of penalty charge notices were issued over the weekend by officers on patrol in the north of the city.

The sun shone all through the bank holiday weekend.

The sun shone all through the bank holiday weekend.

Here is how you reacted to the row on Facebook:

Samantha Devine: "Well I live next to the beach and I enjoy seeing people flock there. It's an asset that we have to share.

"I think there are the odd one who is selfish and want to park in front of drives but this is the minority. Keep the sun shining and the beach filling.

"It's good for the local economy so it should be encouraged."

Laura Gallagher: "People pay council tax for the upkeep of the area so we are entitled to go visit the beach. It doesn't belong to the residents of Seaburn."

Catherine Stockdale: "Surely if you buy a house near a beach, you are going to expect people to visit when the weather is decent? It can't be that much of a surprise?"

Susan Hockridge: "As a seafront resident, firstly I’m not a miserable git, I don’t even complain to anyone, but on lovely weather days the traffic leading to people’s houses etc is a serious problem, yes everyone is entitled to enjoy our beautiful coast but something needs sorting with parking safely."

Jacki Thew: "I live on the riverside and we have parking problems all year round with students and visitors however I accept when you live in such an area where there are regular attractions this is something you just have to deal with and a small price to pay to live in a lovely area.

"Part of the problem here is lack of regular buses and that's why people travel by car."

Paul Green: "It's all about common courtesy. Just don't block anyone's driveway while enjoying the sunshine.

"My wife and I parked a mile and a half away and walked to the coast. If we can do that at our age, it shouldn't be a problem. And the walk was very pleasant."

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Alison Burnell: "This is a public space. Expect the unexpected if you have to dwell in that area. You will always come across rude and difficult people.

"That area is now undergoing a change and it is a long time coming."

Kristofer Thomson: "Absolutely awful at Seaburn for parking, spend half a hour stuck in crawling traffic, decided to go to Shields instead, got parked within 5 minutes."

Lauren-Ashley Turnbull: "I lived in Seaburn for years and you don't mind people going to the beach and parking but when they park over people's drives it's rude!"

Isabelle Collinson: "Let people enjoy the sunshine at the beach."

Wilf Newall: "It only happens when it’s sunny, but still not an excuse."

Rachel Bell: "Fair dos people need to park, but park sensibly, if it’s a two-way road you need to leave enough space for two-way traffic."

Marie Pentland: "Keep parking spaces so that as many people can continue to use the excellent coast!

"How much more congestion will arise when the numerous housing projects take away spaces and cause more congestion!

"Was lovely to see so many people enjoying the beach."