Labour is banking on more holidays to woo the electorate

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
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A desperate attempt to woo the working classes or a genuine policy aimed at rewarding a beleaguered nation battered by austerity?

Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to create four new bank holidays if elected on June 8th has certainly got Sunderland Echo readers talking.

While employers may not like them, those clocking in to work absolutely love their bank holiday breaks.

Whether Corbyn’s move is a cynical vote winner or a patriotic policy to help those hit by poor wage growth, there won’t be many who will turn their nose up at more holidays.

And Jeremy Corbyn is in desperate need of a boost in the polls.

The opposition will no doubt pounce on the negative aspects of this election pledge, but it is not without merit.

As the Labour Party point out, the UK has the lowest number of public holidays among major economies. We have four less than the G20 average of 12! And calling for St George’s Day to become a public holiday is certainly nothing new. It’s been a hardy annual for years.

But will it help his cause in Sunderland?

A recent Echo poll showed the Tories making gains in support.

Significantly, however, the poll showed Labour at 36% still had the majority of support in our community.

Sunderland set the Brexit dominoes falling in the EU Referendum with a seismic Leave vote, and opposition parties will be hoping for another shock at this General Election - the ousting of Labour in its Wearside heartland.

We suspect, however, vote winning policies like this will be welcomed in our community.

Whether they will resonate across the nation ... well, Labour shouldn’t bank on it.