Hit-and-run driver left injured woman at Sunderland crash scene – to drive off for an interview

The A1231 Wessington Way, Sunderland.
The A1231 Wessington Way, Sunderland.

A woman was left with injuries to her neck and back in after she was rear-ended by a hit and run driver who failed to stop because she was on the way to a job interview.

The victim was driving a silver Hyundai on the A1231 Wessington Way when Katie Hulse’s Ford Fiesta slammed into the back of her car, on Monday, January 23, Sunderland magistrates heard.

“She said she panicked and drove off because she believed her insurance may have lapsed.” - Prosecution

Glenda Beck, prosecuting

Instead of stopping, Hulse drove off to attend a job interview, while her victim had to attend hospital.

Prosecutor Glenda Beck said the injured party was stopped at a red traffic light when the crach happened.

She said: “Her attention in the rear view mirror was drawn to the vehicle behind her. The female driver appeared distracted and was singing loudly.

“When she stopped at the next red light, she saw the car approach from behind without making any effort to stop.

“It went into the back of her car. She was in shock and in pain but managed to note the registration number of that vehicle, which made off from the area.”

The court heard the driver was treated for soft tissue damage to her back and neck at the RVI in Newcastle and the damage to her car cost £900 to repair, of which she had to pay a £250 insurance excess.

Police spoke to Hulse on February 17, who told them that the Hyundai had stopped suddenly for no reason, and that she skidded and collided with the back of it.

Ms Beck said: “She said she panicked and drove off because she believed her insurance may have lapsed and she was going to a job interview.

“She said she was sorry and confirmed her insurance had lapsed because she couldn’t afford the monthly payments.”

Hulse, of Chapel Court, Newburn, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to failing to stop after an accident where personal injury was caused, and having no insurance.

The court heard she already had six points on her driving licence.

Jason Smith, defending, said there was a difference between the defendant’s and the victim’s account.

Mr Smith said: “The other car came to the roundabout and stopped for reasons she didn’t know.

“She accepts responsibility as it was she who drove into the other vehicle and it was very much just a bump.

“The damage to her vehicle was nothing more than a crack to the bumper.”

Mr Smith added that Hulse’s job interview was successful, however, her contract was terminated when she fell pregnant.

Hulse was banned from driving for six months and was told to pay a £120 fine, £30 surcharge, £250 compensation and £85 costs.