Higher fares, taxing pubs and axing parking wardens: Your ideas on saving Sunderland's taxi marshal service

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Wearsiders have had their say on plans to scrap Sunderland's taxi marshal service - and how it could be saved.

We reported how Sunderland City Council is proposing to scrap the service, which sees marshals on patrol at taxi ranks on busy nights to ensure safety and smooth operation for drinkers and taxi drivers.
It's all part of the council's massive cost-cutting operation as belts continue to tighten.

Some suggested alternative ways to fund the service.

Carla Cuthbertson said: Why don't the taxi firms fund it . Then again wouldn't have too if people controlled own temper."

Pete Bogg said: "Could fare not have an added a marshal tax to part-fund it along with contributions from the pubs and the taxi firm itself? Why should a proportion of council tax go to this from someone, like the elderly, who never benefit from it?"

That idea didn't go down to well with everyone.

Helen Smith said: "But why should I pay extra for a taxi when I can control myself in drink and manage to queue for a taxi without causing a disturbance?"

Pete Bogg replied: "I don't disagree but for yours and others safety - who should pay? Have the marshals stopped disorder, and if so they should be kept - but is it a council responsibility?"

Chris Wilson said: "Why do taxi drivers pay each year for their plates? It's up to the Sunderland Council to provide their half of the service, and if not, cut the yearly bill so taxi drivers can provide their own marshalling service."

There were those who felt some council chiefs should take a hit to fund services.

Marcus Aurelius Morgan said: "Why don't our council axe a couple of top posts and use that to fund the marshal service?"

Fred Bradwell added: "Or the traffic warden's working after 6pm."

Commentors on our Facebook page were also split on whether there should be a marshal service at all.

Tracy Halliday said: "Wouldn't be needed if folk could manage to be civil to one another; but since there are numerous imbeciles who once they have a drink turn into complete and utter morons I dare say this service will be sorely missed."

Vicky Tinnion said: "I think the taxi marshals are brill, when I've been on my own I've been shuffled into a taxi so I'm not stood around on my own. They're great and definitely should be kept so people feel safer."

Anthony Robson said: "Glad I'm now on day shift. These marshals have been more than helpful on many occasions during my eight years of nights on the taxis. Ir would be sad to see them go."

Steven Gardener said: "(If they go) I give it a few weeks without taxi marshals before they're put back on. I can't see the cops and paramedics wanting to be there every five minutes."

Peter Eastick said: "People need babysitters when they go out drinking now, oh how times have changed."