Give us an apology, New York Times - Sunderland Echo's message after 'irresponsible' article

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A city with a Premier League soccer club with an American owner.

Today the people of Sunderland have sent a clear message to the New York Times after their insulting coverage of our great city.

It was an ill-informed, inaccurate, narrow-minded and irresponsible view of what is, although challenged, a vibrant and forward-thinking city. And it’s our city.

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A city of huge cultural significance, a city which boasts Europe’s biggest motoring manufacturing plant, a city with a huge heritage.

A city with a beautiful coastline, a city at the forefront of technology and development for the future, a university city, a sporting city and a city of amazing people.

It’s a city where ironically, just a stone’s throw from where the article was focused, there stands the ancestral home of the first US president George Washington.

A city where US pop megastar Beyonce chose to start the European leg of her tour!

Yes, the city become the focus of the international media when its early vote return on Brexit sent shockwaves across Europe.

Many reasons have been suggested as to why Sunderland voted to exit. Was it immigration? Was is an anti-establishment vote, Was it a socio-economic divide, was it a protest? Was it the older generation to blame?

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Whatever the reasons were will be debated for many months to come.

But what we will not accept is that this city reached its decision because it is downtrodden, uneducated, deprived and living in a “time-warp”.

And business leaders, civic leaders and our readers agree with us.

Today we want to send a message to reporter Kmiko de Freytas-Tamuara and the NYT to say you got it wrong and ask for an apology to the city of Sunderland.

We also extend an invite to come and witness all that is great about this city. Our city.