Foam party nights and queues round the corner - that was Chambers!

Chambers pictured in 1987.
Chambers pictured in 1987.
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Possibly Sunderland’s greatest ever nightspot? Some of you thought so when we shared an old photograph of Chambers.

It was 30 years ago that the place opened and we wanted to know what you remembered of it.

Another view of Chambers.

Another view of Chambers.

You came up with some great answers and we were very impressed when our social media post reached more than 40,000 people.

Among them was Elizabeth Pearson who said: “The best nights were in Chambers. Would be amazing if they could open it again. Just one more night with the same crowd and same music! Ah I wish!!! “

Similar thoughts came from Wayne Galey II who commented: “Would love to go back just for 1 nite. Great memories of this place.”

Leanne Boz said: “Best one has to be that foam party night xxx.”

The best nights were in Chambers. Would be amazing if they could open it again. Just one more night with the same crowd and same music! Ah I wish!!!

Elizabeth Pearson

Paul Fletcher reminded us: “Was buzzing and always a massive queue round the corner. Some great memories of nights in here.”

Thanks also go to Brett Winlow who reckoned Wednesday night was special with Colt 45 at “40p a can. Walking straight to the front of the queue, doorman letting us straight in. Spending all night at the top of the stairs outside cloak room where all pics were on walls. Class mad times.”

Michelle Cave remembered: “Sticking to the floor in Gossips while trying to dance to five, S Club 7 and Backstreet Boys. Building up the courage to get crushed walking up the stairs to get to the smokey stuffy were they some of the best Sat nights of my life haha xx.”

Steph Rottie adored everything about Chambers and told us: “Loved Chambers on all the different nights. My fave club back in the day. Waking up the next day, ill with a hangover lol..and sleeping it off in my office wen the boss wasn’t in..happy memories.”

Time to chill and chat at Chambers.

Time to chill and chat at Chambers.

Jamie Stanley said: “Some great nights there I used to just roll up in a taxi with my then gf and just go straight to the front of the queue.”

Paula Graham recalled: “Worked in gossips downstairs 95-96 (only 18-19 at the time ) then clubbing upstairs after my shift. Loads of brilliant memories! “

Thanks also to Chris Warne who had an extra special reason to remember Chambvers. “Some great times in there, met the wife there too. always a special place in my heart.”

Jen Marsden said: “Best place to get your ‘Blastaway’ (castaway and diamond white) before partying the night away” while Sirjeff Clark said: “Best neet club ever.”

Jane Jones said her best memory of Chambers was: “Meeting my husband. Married for 24 years x.”

Tracy Macdonald called it the “height of sophistication” while Ian Anthony Palmer said: “Still got me member card.”

And those comments just kept on rolling in such as this one from Ian Binyon who said: “Best nightclub like eeevvvveeeerrrrr.”

Sam Pratt said: “Best place on earth” while Aimee Jenkinson commented: “Chambers was awesome!”

Our thanks go to everyone who liked the post on social media including Val Barella, Derek Cheal, Angela McGinley, Claire Harrington, Craig Fagan, Mandy Goulden, Chloe Evans, Peter Crompton, Billy Mckillion and Tracey Hall.

Diane Fletcher recalled: “Fab bar memories sat night” while Lyndsey Ditch said: “I worked upstairs around 93-94 loved it.”

Chambers stayed on the Sunderland scene until 2002, when it closed.

It became the first club in Sunderland to broadcast live on a radio station, when it shared its music with Kiss FM.

It also gave top DJs Judge Jules, Danny Rampling, Alex P, Brandon Block, Graeme Park and Farley Jackmaster Funk their Sunderland debuts.

Back in 1987, it was brand spanking new. On the first floor, there was a disco with two dance floors, three bars, a computerised lighting console with lasers and smoke jets ,and the latest in sophisticated sound systems.

Others to share their memories included Roy Robinson who said: “Proper mint sat night bounce.” ❤

Helen Freeman loved the “Brilliant memories” while Louise Elizabeth Reid said: “It was my favourite xx.”

Our social media post attracted more than 100 comments and over 100 likes.

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