Female children's home worker sexually abused boy in her care, court told

Carole Davis. Picture by North News
Carole Davis. Picture by North News

A woman who worked at a children's home indecently assaulted an underage resident in his bedroom and during day trips - and had sex with him at her home, a court has heard.

Married Carole Davis, who was then in her 30s, told the teenage boy he was "special", bought him treats and made him feel "loved", jurors have been told.

Carole Davis. Picture by North News

Carole Davis. Picture by North News

Prosecutors claim support worker Davis abused the youngster at a children's home and on day trips, and had intercourse with him in her marital bed.

Davis, now 59, of Greystoke Avenue, Sunderland, denies ten offences of indecent assault and is being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

Prosecutor Joe Kidd told the court Davis would buy the boy presents, including a Walkman with a tape of love songs and food from the supermarket when he came to her home.

Miss Kidd told jurors: "She would take him back to her home address, she would cook dinner for him, she would bathe him.

"She would essentially create a romantic ambience before taking him upstairs, where she would have full sexual intercourse with him."

Miss Kidd said the intercourse would take place either in a bedroom where Davis' sister would stay or in her marital bed.

The court heard Davis indecently assaulted the boy in some sand dunes during one trip, and at a visitor attraction on another trip.

Miss Kidd added: "At that time he enjoyed what was happening to him.

"He was sexually aroused by what was happening and believed he was in love with Carole."

But she told jurors: "The child was still under 16, still incapable of giving consent to sexual acts carried out against them by, in this case, an adult of more than 20 years their senior."

In a video recorded interview with the police, the alleged victim, who is now an adult man, said he was put in the children's home because he was a "little bad boy".

He said Davis would buy him decent shampoo and toiletries, "things the other kids couldn't get access to, they were expensive and newish things."

He told police Davis would give him "treats", including his favourite McDonalds meal, curry and rice, cigarettes and snacks.

The man said during visits to her home, Davis would put on music, which was "nice and cosy" and that he felt "special" and "loved".

Davis denies anything sexual contact took place and denies all charges.

The trial continues.