Durham Cathedral honours St Bede's legacy by backing Sunderland City of Culture bid

The Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett, Dean of Durham. Credit Tony Griffiths, Durham Photographic Society.
The Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett, Dean of Durham. Credit Tony Griffiths, Durham Photographic Society.
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Sunderland's campaign to secure City of Culture status in 2021 has won the backing of the Dean of Durham and Durham Cathedral.

Sunderland first announced its intentions in becoming the UK City of Culture in September 2015 and is in the process of developing a bid that could see the area host a year-long cultural celebration.

The team behind the campaign has since secured support throughout the region, as well as further afield, winning the backing of the House of Commons during an event last month.

Bede's tomb in Durham Cathedral.

Bede's tomb in Durham Cathedral.

Now, The Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett, the Dean of Durham, has added his support as Durham Cathedral continues to cultivate its links with Sunderland through the legacy of the Venerable Bede.

He said: "Sunderland is a remarkable city and is working hard to prove that it is worthy of the title, City of Culture 2021.

"There would be a really positive impact on the whole region if a city in the north east was acknowledged in this way for its culture and vibrancy.

"Durham Cathedral is honoured to be the final resting place of the Venerable Bede and partly because of this we have always had close ties with Sunderland.

"Durham Cathedral is proud to support Sunderland’s bid for the City of Culture 2021."

Bede was born in Sunderland in the Seventh century and his tomb is housed in the Galilee Chapel of Durham Cathedral.

After joining the monastery at Jarrow, Bede became an acclaimed scholar and his works are still studied today.

Due to Bede’s influence and reputation this corner of England became a beacon of learning and culture and was known throughout the Christian west.

Sunderland hopes to maintain the saint’s legacy first started over a thousand years ago by being named the City of Culture 2021.

The Venerable Bede’s monastery at Jarrow was founded by St Benedict Biscop.

Last month on St Benedict’s feast day the Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett addressed the congregation at St Peter’s in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland.

In his address, he emphasised St Benedict’s connections to the continent and his frequent pilgrimages to Rome.

This saint exerted his influence not only over the culture of the north east of England but across Europe and he said Sunderland’s bid team are hoping to emulate his success.

The deadline for City of Culture applications is in April and Sunderland will find out soon after whether it has made it through the first round of the competition.

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