Drunk woman’s toilet demand after being kicked out of Sunderland hostel

The Norfolk Hotel, Norfolk Street.
The Norfolk Hotel, Norfolk Street.

A drunk woman demanded to go to the toilet ‘in a somewhat public fashion’ after she was kicked out of a Sunderland hostel.

Jessica Holloway was told to leave the Norfolk Hotel at 10.30pm on August 14, Sunderland magistrates heard.

She didn’t want to go to hospital – she wanted to go to the loo

Peter Thubron, defending

However, she demanded to be let back in so that she could relieve herself, and continuously tried to get up the stairs to the ladies’.

Prosecutor Ember Wong said police were called to the premises in Norfolk Street to reports Holloway was causing a disturbance outside.

Miss Wong said: “She had told staff she had taken an overdose of tablets and was shouting in the street.

“It was obviously that she was under the influence of alcohol.

“She was warned about her behaviour but continued to act in a disorderly manner in the street.

“Staff had evicted her from the premises due to her behaviour and the overdose.

“She was shouting and making attempts to re-enter the building she had been temporarily evicted from.

Holloway, of Norfolk Street, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly.

Peter Thubron, defending, said: “She wanted to go to the toilet.

“The officers quite correctly said ‘no – you need to go to hospital and get checked out’.

“She didn’t want to go to hospital – she wanted to go to the loo.

“When it was agreed she could go to the toilet, it was in a somewhat public fashion.

“She then went back outside.

“She looks forward to being invited back to the Salvation Army.”

Bench chairman John Lee said: “You brought this on yourself. We can’t have people creating havoc in the street.”

Holloway was given a six-month conditional discharge.