Dave the Rave's top five dance videos

Dave the Rave.
Dave the Rave.
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As Sunderland's favourite raver features in a new book on the city's culture, we look at his most popular online videos:

1) Best of Dave the Rave ("number1 raver sunderland penywell crew") - VIEW
A compilation of videos from a big stage to a bowling alley.

2) Dave the Rave on the Metro travelling to Newcastle - VIEW
Complete with beanie hat, juice, and serious moves

3) Dave the Rave dancing outside Milligans in Sunderland city centre - VIEW
Classic moves and classic in a classic location

4) Dave the Rave meets Sister Act (and sees her/him off) in Sunderland - VIEW
He may have a nun outfit, but this chancer is no match for Dave the Rave in a dance-off - and he knows it.

5) Dave the Rave rocking outside River Island - VIEW
As if the clothes could ever be as stylish as his moves.

6) Editor's Choice: Dave the Rave eating a pease pudding stottie while raving
Could this BE any more mackem?

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