Dad bit police officer and said ‘you should be shot’ in Metro station mayhem on Sunderland Airshow weekend

Seaburn Metro Station'Station Road'Sunderland
Seaburn Metro Station'Station Road'Sunderland

A man bit a police officer who was trying to restrain him as he caused mayhem at a Metro station during the Sunderland Airshow.

Jonathon Johnson, 43, tried to barge his way past large crowds of families and children and shouted abuse at staff at Seaburn Metro station on July 23, Sunderland magistrates heard.

He made reference to the police shootings in America and stated ‘you should all be shot like them lot’

Lesley Burgess, prosecuting

The unemployed binman was told he could not travel due to his aggressive demeanour and foul language, but tried to force his way onto a train, the court was told.

Lesley Burgess, prosecuting, said a female British Transport Police officer had observed the defendant barging past a man, while swearing at him.

She said a large number of people were present including elderly people and young children, and he was asked to moderate his behaviour.

Ms Burgess said: “She began to pursue the defendant down the ramp as he continued his tirade and abusive conduct down to the platform area.

“He was told he would be refused travel under railway bylaws.”

The court heard he told the officer he would knock her teeth out and that he would ‘deck’ her.

She added: “He continued to be aggressive and several members of Metro staff attended. However, the defendant continued to make attempts to get on the Metro.”

The court heard he clenched his fists and attempted to head-butt the female officer.

Two Northumbria Police officers arrived and were forced to use a cator spray on Johnson.

Attempts to handcuff him failed and he was moved to the car park area due to his demeanour.

Ms Burgess said: “He made reference to the police shootings in America and stated ‘you should all be shot like them lot’.”

Once inside the police vehicle, officers spotted Johnson using his mobile phone.

As they tried to remove it, Johnson shouted: “If you take it off me I will hurt you.”

“One of the officers was bitten by the defendant in the upper arm, causing the skin to break and immediate pain,” Ms Burgess added.

The court heard the had to attend Sunderland Royal Hospital for blood tests, and is still awaiting the results.

He had a mouth-sized mark on his arm for two weeks.

Johnson, of North Eastern Terrace, Darlington, was found guilty after a trial of threatening unlawful violence, causing harassment, alarm or distress, and assaulting a police officer, after pleading not guilty to all three offences.

John Clish, defending, said: “There is little I can say in relation to the offences, because the defendant is likely to appeal in relation to the assault charge.”

Mr Clish added that Johnson had been separated from his family at the time if the incident, after going to the toilet.

He said staff had believed he was a queue jumper, when he simply needed to get down to the platform to be reunited with his children.

Johnson was sentenced to a 12-month community order, with 60 hours of unpaid work and 15 days of specified activity.

He was also told to pay £100 in compensation to the officer he bit, £400 costs and a £85 surcharge.