Animal lovers wanted to help raise awareness in the North East

Wendy Park (second from left) with Team Tino in Sunderland
Wendy Park (second from left) with Team Tino in Sunderland

An group dedicated to campaigning on behalf of animals is recruiting new members to help with its work in the region.

Animal rights group Team Tino (TTAR) is looking for new members to help raise awareness of animal testing, factory farming practices, and animals used in entertainment.

A Team Tino stall

A Team Tino stall

The group was set up by Wendy Park in 2014 and has since been growing, with members taking part in activities in Sunderland and South Shields, with plans to expand into Durham soon.

Wendy said: "TTAR holds information stalls to help make people aware of the unnecessary cruelty animals experience in the hands of humans.

"This includes the farming and dairy industries and also fur farming, animal testing and entertainment. Advice on plant based diet and Vegan lifestyle is also on hand. Members also attend animal rights marches and vigils at slaughterhouses.

"The members of TTAR believe all beings can co-exist happily, making the world a better place. They also believe not everyone knows how animals suffer."

For more information, visit or email

Wendy said she and newest TTAR member Danny Metcalfe had also recently formed a group named Freedom For All Beings (FFAB) for those with an interest in campaigning for the rights of humans as well as animals.

Anyone interested in either TTAR or FFAB can also attend a meeting on Sunday September 3 at 6pm in the Newton Aycliffe Village Hall. Visit for more details.