19 phrases and words all new Sunderland University students should know

We've got the lowdown for you ...
We've got the lowdown for you ...
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So you've made the move to our great city. Good decision.

As you settle into life at the University of Sunderland, we thought we'd give you a hand getting accustomed to life in our lovely region.

So pull on your red and white shirt, try a saveloy, follow us on Facebook and take note of the following...

Mackem: The nickname for people from Sunderland. We're all proud Mackems - and you can be an honorary Mackem if you finish that degree.

It's canny cauld: It's absolutely freezing... especially those early-morning walks over Wearmouth Bridge.

Gan radge/radgie: Somewhat annoyed. Best to walk away.

You need to get familiar with the Black Cats.

You need to get familiar with the Black Cats.

A radgie: A violent or aggressive person. Stay clear.

Me mam: My mother/mum/mummy/mama. The person most likely to be worrying about you.

Stottie: A big white bun. Cheap and beautiful for when you can't eat anymore ready meals.

Cheesy chips: A delicacy that is best served after a few drinks. You'll see.

The Black Cats: Not bad luck in these parts. The Black Cats is the nickname for Premier League Sunderland AFC.

Ha'way the lads: The main shout of support for Sunderland AFC - you are supporting the lads, right? Also very popular when tweeting about the club. #hawaythelads

Tee: To. As in “am gannin’ tee the bar.”

Dinnit: Don’t. As in “I divvint think I'm gannin home".

Clammin’: Really wanting something. As in “I’m like clammin’ for me bait” or “I’m clammin’ for a tab”.

Bait: Food.

Ower lass/lad: My partner. Who knows, you could meet yours at uni.

Pyat: Face. As in "ower lass has a beautiful pyat".

Ket: Sweets. On a long essay-writing session? Get the ket in!

Like: A word to be added, like, at least twice to each sentence, like, even when, like, not needed. Like. We're always searching for a simile.

Canny: A word with more meanings than the Oxford English Dictionary can cope with. From canny weather (nice), canny scran (good food), canny cold (very) and gan canny (go carefully/take care).

Claggy: Sticky. On one of those rare hot North East days, the humidity can make it a bit claggy.

Got it? Have a great time in our great city and don't be a stranger.

Here’s some that you suggested:

Our ouse: Your home. Where you live.

Clarty: Proper muddy. Or dirty.

Gowwie: Chewing gum.

Clays: Your clothes.

Da: Your dad/father.

Spelk: A splinter.

Marra: Your friend. Or your foe. Anyone, really.